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Daniel Kurtzman

Whoopi Goldberg's Crass Bush Joke

By July 23, 2004

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Comedian Whoopi Goldberg was widely criticized after performing a comedy routine at a Kerry-Edwards fundraiser in which she made a crass sexual joke about President Bush. Here's what she said:

"That's why I'm here tonight. Because I love bush. But someone's giving bush a bad name. Someone has tarnished name of `bush.' Someone has waged war, someone has deliberately misled the country, someone has attempted to amend the constitution, all in the name of bush. The bush I know and cherish would never do such things. My bush is smarter than that. And if my bush is smarter than that, you can understand just how dumb I think that other bush is. And anyone who would wave to Stevie Wonder is not fully there. I will do whatever it takes to restore bush to its rightful place and that ain't in the White House. Vote your heart and mind and keep bush where it belongs."

For a complete transcript of Goldberg's remarks, click here.

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