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Political Ideology Quiz: What Kind of Liberal or Conservative Are You?

By September 26, 2007

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Take the Liberal Ideology Quiz and find out whether you're a Peace Patroller, Eco-Avenger, Social Justice Crusader, Working Class Warrior, Reality-Based Intellectualist, or New Left Hipster.

Take the Conservative Ideology Quiz and find out whether you're a Faith-Based Fighter, Flag-Waving Everyman, Free Marketeer, Values Guardian, Anti-Government Gunslinger, or Freedom Crusader.

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October 12, 2007 at 3:23 am
(1) Mike says:

Funny quiz. Here’s how I scored:

You are a New Left Hipster, also known as a MoveOn.org liberal, a Netroots activist, or a Daily Show fanatic. You believe that if we really want to defend American values, conservatives must be exposed, mocked, and assailed for every fanatical, puritanical, warmongering, Constitution-shredding ideal for which they stand.

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