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McCain Campaigns for Laughs on Saturday Night Live

By May 19, 2008

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John McCain on SNL John McCain poked fun at his age and took a few jabs at his Democratic rivals during cameos in two sketches on the season finale of Saturday Night Live.

Appearing in a fake political advertisement, McCain said, "I ask you, what should we be looking for in our next president? Certainly, someone who is very, very, very old."

After reeling off a few one-liners about runaway congressional spending, McCain said, "Controlling government spending isn't just about Republicans or Democrats. It's about being able to look your children in the eye. Or in my case, my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren and great-great-great-grandchildren, the youngest of whom are nearing retirement." (Watch video clip)

John McCain on SNL Weekend Update McCain also joked about the prolonged Democratic race in a separate appearance on "Weekend Update." He urged Democrats not to pick a candidate too soon and said he'd be perfectly happy if two Democratic names appeared on the November ballot. (Watch video clip)

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had their SNL moments earlier in the season. Obama made a brief cameo last fall in a sketch in which he crashed a Halloween party thrown by Hillary Clinton, and Clinton appeared in March alongside her SNL imperonator, Amy Poehler, to deliver an "editorial response" to a mock presidential debate.

McCain last appeared on SNL in 2002, when he hosted the show and took part in series of sketches, the most memorable of which featured him trying to impersonate Barbra Streisand.

SNL Obama-Clinton Ad SNL's Clinton-Obama Ad
The funniest political bit from SNL's finale was this faux Obama-Clinton campaign ad, a spoof of the NBA's "There Can Be Only One" split-screen ads, which featured both candidates delivering a disjointed message.

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May 21, 2008 at 2:41 pm
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