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Daniel Kurtzman

Best Humor from Obama's First 100 Days

By April 29, 2009

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Obama on Tongith Show with Jay Leno Remember all the talk about President Obama ushering in the death of political comedy? Well, it turns out his first 100 days weren't the total comedic disaster many had feared. Here's a look at some of the funniest moments and best political humor from the new era:

Best Obama late-night joke: "It's a great day for our president, Barack Obama, who got to meet the Queen of England today. She very regally gave him a photograph of her, and he gave her an iPod! That's quite an unusual gift from the President. Usually he gives out about $150 million." --Craig Ferguson (Read more Obama jokes from his first 100 days)

Worst joke: The off-hand remark Obama made during an appearance on The Tonight Show about his bowling prowess, in which he said, "It was like Special Olympics, or something."

Obama Bangs Head on Marine One Best attempt to live up to the Bush legacy: Obama banging his head while boarding Marine One and mistaking a window for a door at the White House, conjuring wistful memories of Bush's run-ins with doors and other objects.

Best F-Bomb: Joe Biden telling a former Senate colleague who addressed him as "Mr. Vice President" to "Give me a f**king break," conjuring memories of the time Dick Cheney urged a Democratic senator to go perform an anatomical sexual impossibility.

Best kiss: Hillary Clinton ditching her husband for a smooch from Barack, as seen in this amusing video clip.

Bobby Jindal as Kenneth the Page Worst. GOP Response. Ever: Bobby Jindal's response to Obama's Not the State of the Union address, in which he did an uncanny impersonation of Kenneth the Page from NBC's 30 Rock, the bewildered hillbilly portrayed by Jack McBrayer.

Best Obama cartoon: "Obama's World Burden" by Jim Morin. (See more in our Obama cartoon gallery.)

Best petition for a bailout: Jon Hamm's spoof video for Funny Or Die, in which he appeared as Lex Luthor seeking a $100 billion bailout due to tough economic times for Lexcorp and his failure to kill Superman.

Down With Sodomy, Up With Teabagging Best ridicule aimed at Obama's critics: The teabagging jokes cracked by cable news talking heads in response to the anti-Obama Tea Party protests. Yes, Anderson Cooper, it is hard to talk when you're teabagging.

Best response to critics who accuse Obama of relying too heavily on his Teleprompter: David Letterman's Teleprompter vs. No Teleprompter segment

Best illustration of Obama Derangement Syndrome in cartoon form: The New York Post's idiotic cartoon likening Obama to a rabid chimpanzee who should be shot.

Best expose of the GOP's Baracknophobia affliction: This memorable Daily Show segment, in which Jon Stewart suggests that Republicans have been confusing tyranny with losing.

Best summary of Obama's first 100 days: Slate's Facebook news feed for Obama and The Onion's day-by-day rundown.

Best summary of the GOP's first 100 days: This cartoon by RJ Matson.

Worst pun: Obama's Elf, the video, as seen on YouTube.

Obama Inauguration Cartoon Best hat trick: Aretha Franklin's big bow inauguration hat, known as the "Hat Heard 'Round the World," which inspired a series of amusing photoshop parodies.

Best new ice cream flavor: Ben & Jerry's "Yes Pecan!" flavor for Obama, which inspired a joke email suggesting some hilarious possibilities for a Bush flavor, including Iraqi Road, Grape Depression, Watermelon Boarding, and Wire Tapioca.

Best Onion headline: Nation's Blacks Creeped Out By All The People Smiling At Them

Best SNL Obama skit: Obama getting nostalgic and pining for the good old days of the campaign trail.

Best Obama joke highlight reel: The first 100 days of Obama jokes, compiled by the Huffington Post.

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May 1, 2009 at 10:07 pm
(1) Rhonda Hall says:

I read the artical and I think that some one at the top of the media world, should hit all these dumb s**ts who report the news. I believe there was a quote from a great actor, Jack Web “Just the facts mam just the facts”. I believe when they take journalisum in high school they teach “Who, What, Where, and When. It is real simple to follow what should be written. Maybe they could go back to school and learn their adverbs and adjectives. Instead they make up things and bring stories with so many falacies they then can’t back up because Confidentiality!!!!. Give us all a break and just report the real facts and quit telling falsehoods and outrages lies. Lets all just get back to basics and turn our country. Oh, by the way I love to watch Bod Cosca!!!

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