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Daniel Kurtzman

Obama Nobel Jokes

By October 11, 2009

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Obama's Nobel: NobeLOL President Obama is catching comedic flak from all corners after his unexpected win of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Saturday Night Live spoofed Obama's Nobel win in its opening sketch, with Obama announcing he had won the award simply "for not being Bush."

Political cartoonists are poking fun at everything from the irony of Obama receiving the peace prize while he's busy conducting two wars to the fact that he won the award on the same day we attacked the moon.

NobeLOL has become a trending topic on Twitter, with everyone taking potshots ("Obama also awarded Nobel prize in chemistry. 'He's just got great chemistry,' says Nobel Committee." -Ezra Klein)

Internet jokesters have created parodies featuring Obama winning everything from Super Bowl MVP to the Stanley Cup.

And the late-night comedians have finally found a winning series of Obama punch lines:

"That's pretty amazing, Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Ironically, his biggest accomplishment as president so far: winning the Nobel Peace Prize." --Jay Leno

Obama's Nobel: NobeLOL "The Nobel committee said he won for creating a new climate for international politics. which sounds so much nicer than 'In your face George Bush you cowboy a**hole.'" --Bill Maher

"Conservatives say the award represents everything they stand against: black people, foreigners, and peace." --Bill Maher

"Obama said he will attend the ceremony in Oslo if he's not too busy with the two wars he's conducting." --Bill Maher

"President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The committee said they gave it to Obama partly for his idealism and commitment to global cooperation, but mostly for calling Kanye West a jackass." --Conan O'Brien

"The Nobel committee said they wanted to recognize the president's fine work in bringing peace to a black professor and a white cop through the strategic use of beer." --Jay Leno

"Along with the Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama also gets $1.4 million. Usually to get a check that big, you need to blackmail David Letterman." --Jimmy Fallon

"In a surprise decision, President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Friday. In other premature awards this week: high school football player Billy Reynolds has been named this year's Heisman Trophy winner; fifth grader Amber Collins has been named Miss America; and nine-year-old Dylan Holt has been named People's 'Sexiest Man Alive.'" --Seth Meyers

Conan O'Brien presented a list of the other awards Obama received on Friday:

Oscar for Best Cinematography
2009 Cy Young Award
International Air Guitar Championship
Latin Grammy for Best New Artist
Winner, Ernest Hemingway Look-a-Like Contest
Midwestern Regional Sales Leader for Sub-Zero Refrigerators
Latin Grammy for Best Cross-Over Artist
Winner, The Yoplait Yogurt "Get Fit Dreamstakes"
Best in Show, Westminster Dog Show
Blue Ribbon at the Texas State Fair for Best Corn Relish
Little Miss San Diego
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award for "Best Kiss"
World's Best Grandma
Latin Grammy for Best Salsa Album.

Read more late-night jokes...

Not to be outdone by the professional comedians, here's the official reaction from the State Department:

"From our standpoint, you know, we think that this gives us a sense of momentum ... when the United States has accolades tossed its way, rather than shoes." --State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley

SNL Spoofs Obama's Nobel: 'I Won It For Not Being Bush'

SNL Spoofs Obama's Nobel Prize In Saturday Night Live's skit spoofing Obama's Nobel win, Obama, played by Fred Armisen, compared himself to other winners: "Jimmy Carter won it for decades of trying to find solutions to international conflicts. Al Gore won it for his years of educating the US about climate change. And us? Well, I won it for not being George Bush."

He added: "This award was as a complete surprise, as I have only not been George W. Bush for nine months."

Obama said the Nobel committee didn't call to wake him with the news, but he wished they had, so he could say to Hillary Clinton, "Hey, remember that 3 a.m. call you were so worried about? It happened. Nobel Peace Prize."

Obama went on to announce he had also just won the $70 million jackpot in the Powerball lottery, and "it was the first lottery ticket I ever bought."

Watch the video.

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October 12, 2009 at 3:47 am
(1) Gleb Bogdanov says:

Now, we learnt that you have got the Noble prize for peace. It is not enough to say that we were surprised when we learnt about the decision of the Noble committee, we were amazed.
We doubt very much that you deserve this prize. We advise you not to take the prize money, because this would undermine the meaning of this reward.
But if you take the money, would this mean ‘CHANGE’.

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