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Daniel Kurtzman

SNL, Jon Hamm Lampoon Sen. Scott Brown

By February 1, 2010

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Jon Hamm Impersonates Sexy Scott Brown on SNL In one of SNL's funniest political sketches in recent months, Jon Hamm impersonated newly elected Sen. Scott Brown, portraying him as an irresistible flirt who becomes the object of every Democrat's fantasy.

Brown, who famously posed nude for Cosmo in 1982, is shown in the skit repeatedly interrupting a meeting of Democratic lawmakers and driving each of them to distracted fantasies with his pretty looks and suggestive winks.

For Sen. Barbara Boxer, Hamm appears as a sexy shirtless doctor: "I'm against the public option but I can offer you a pubic option. Because I just found a lump - in my underpants."

For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hamm is a gyrating disco dancer: "I want to introduce something to the floor. It's called - your panties."

And to Congressman Barney Frank, he's a scantily clad construction worker: "You worried about a filibuster? 'Cause I'm about to filibust out of these jean shorts." (Watch the video)

Brown said he approved on the SNL skit, telling National Review Online that he smiled as he watched it.
"Thank goodness I like a good laugh. That was pretty funny. I wish I could host SNL some day. I've been watching it since I was young. Jon Hamm is great."

But what about Hamm's Boston accent? "He did a great job," Brown said. "He doesn't really sound like me, but it was very funny."
SNL Spoofs Obama State of the Union Address SNL also spoofed Obama's State of the Union address in a skit cutting together clips of Fred Armisen as Obama with actual shots of displeased Republicans and ecstatic Democrats.

Referring to the Massachusetts Senate race, Obama declared, "Our nominee Martha Coakley was the single most incompetent candidate ever to seek public office in this nation's history. Martha Coakley, you are a disgrace. You couldn't beat Dick Cheney for mayor of Berkeley." (Watch the video)

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