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Al Franken Launches Air America Radio Network

Al Franken's Opening Remarks


"Broadcasting from an underground bunker 3,500 feet below Dick Cheney's bunker, Air America radio is on the air. I'm Al Franken, and welcome to the O'Franken Factor.

"Today is both an ending and a beginning. An end to the right-wing dominance of talk-radio, a beginning of a battle for truth, a battle for justice, indeed, for America itself -- not to be grandiose.

"Some people have asked me, why the name, the O'Franken factor. Well, one reason and one reason only: To annoy and bait Bill O'Reilly. Bill, if you're listening right now, and I know you are, please listen closely. In the United States of America, satire is protected speech, even if the object of the satire doesn't get it. Any way, this isn't about Bill O'Reilly, or even about Rush Limbaugh - which reminds me, we're planning to do this show drug-free. We don't know if it's ever been done before, but we're going to try."

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