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Bill Maher Video Clips
Video Clips from Real Time With Bill Maher - Updated Frequently

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Bill Maher Proves the Tea Party Is a Cult
Bill Maher slams the tea partiers as a cult of morons in "New Rules."

Bill Maher Takes on the Obama 'Birthers'
Bill Maher slams the Obama "birthers" and warns that they must be stopped. "This is not a case of Democrats vs. Republicans. It's sentient beings vs. the Lizard People."

Bill Maher Compares Mark Sanford's Emails to Mark Foley's IM's

Bill Maher compares Mark Sanford's descriptive love letters to the disturbing texts of disgraced Republican Congressman Mark Foley.

Bill Maher Lampoons Miss California
"God Gave Miss California an eternal soul, I gave her those hooters."

New Rules: Wandka Sykes and Commencement Speeches
Bill Maher sounds off on Wanda Sykes's correspondents' dinner speech and tedious college commencement addresses.

New Rules: Bobby Jindal Should Be in Jail
Bill Maher says Republican Governor, Creationist and Exorcist Bobby Jindal would be in jail if it had been any other book but the Bible he held over a woman's face as he restrained her on the floor against her will to drive the devil out of her digestive track.

Bill Maher Takes on Madoff and Michael Steele
Maher calls Madoff "he most reviled person in America except for perhaps that eTrade talking baby."

New Rules: Ode to Government
Bill Maher delivers a humorous and impassioned defense of why government is important in light of recent attacks on its place in American life.

New Rules: Death to Moochy
Bill Maher says we should hang the bankers.

Farewell to Douchebags
Bill Maher bids goodbye to the farewell faces and names of election 2008.

New Rules: No More GOP Nonsense

Bill Maher tells Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Matt Drudge they had better not play their baseless conspiracy nonsense to destroy Barack Obama's presidency as they did Bill Clinton's.

New Rules: Best Election Ever
Bill Maher takes a hilarious look back at the historic 2008 election.

New Rules: Obama Is Bad For Comedians
Bill Maher says Obama needs to give comedians some material to work with.

Bill Maher on Joe the Plumber
Bill Maher takes on the latest centerpiece of the McCain campaign.

Bill Maher Interviews Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone talks about his new movie, W.

New Rules: Sarah Palin and Religion
Bill Maher says Sarah Palin is not country first, she's Bible first

Chris Rock on Obama and McCain
Bill Maher talks to Chris Rock about the election.

Bill Maher Interviews Bob Woodward
Woodward talks about George Bush and his new book.

New Rules: Racism Satire
Bill Maher talks ebony and irony.

New Rules: Catholic Church Bill Maher takes on the Olympic torch run, horoscopes, and the Catholic Church.

New Rules: Democratic Race
Bill Maher lays down some new rules about the primary battle, saying it's time for Democrats to stop freaking out

New Rules: Moron Terror

Bill Maher: "Politicians must stop saying, 'The American people are smarter than that.' No they aren't."

Bill Maher Throws 9/11 Conspiracy Hecklers Out of His Audience
Bill Maher took matters into his own hands when 9/11 conspiracy theorists disrupted the audience of his television show, Real Time with Bill Maher.

Bill Maher: George of the Bungle
Bill Maher rants about President Bush and how everything he touches turns to absolute crap. From Maher's "New Rules" segment on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher."

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