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Bush Joke Gallery

Email Jokes, Funny Forwards & Late-Night Bush Jokes

A regularly updated Bush joke gallery, featuring email jokes and late-night jokes poking fun at President George Bush.

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Funny Forwards & Email Jokes

A Suggestion
Make the Pie Higher
Ode to Me Popular
Bush Presidential Library Popular
George W. Bush's Resume Popular
How the Bushies Change a Light Bulb Popular
Bush Light Bulb Joke, Take 2 Popular
Roe vs. Wade
Bush and the Bible
Brazilian Soldiers Popular
The Bush Stamp
Outsourcing the Presidency
Saint George
Positive Outlook

George Bush and Sex
Battle Hymn of the Republicans
The Coded Message
Bumper Stickers for the Bush 2004 Campaign
25 Things to Do Before the Inauguration

The Bushes and Clintons on a Train
Iraq vs. Vietnam
California's Letter of Secession
F**k the South Popular
Dear Red States
Dear Blue States
Britain Revokes America's Independence
A Medical Warning
Election Tie-Breaker
Bush's Intelligence Quiz Popular
Bush at the Pearly Gates
Bush Plays God
Bush and Powell Plan World War III
George W. Bush Anagrams
Bush's Urgent & Confidential Business Proposal
Bush's Propaganda Tour
Wardrobe Malfunctions

Bush vs. Dan Rather
Show and Tell
Bush's Psalm
Taking Up a Collection for Bush
Plastic Surgery Miracles

Who's On First?
Bush Solves A Puzzle
Puzzled President
Bush and the Pope
Bush and Moses
Bush and the Jews
Texans in Hell
Tips From Ghosts of Presidents Past
Walking Eagle
A Moral Dilemma
Cheney and the Bushes on a Plane
First Draft of Bush's Inaugural Address
Bush's White House Tour
Bush Goes For a Jog
Bush's Brain Scan
Bush the Post Turtle
Medical Miracles

God and the Village Idiot
The Texas Hillbilly
Bush Country
Eyes Wide Shut
Artificial Intelligence
Bush and Saddam
The Bet
Clocks in Heaven
Bush's Tragedy
The President Sucks

Fire Destroys Bush Presidential Library
Bush's First 100 Days In Office

Bush v. Gore
Bush's Famous Last Words

Late-Night Bush Jokes

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