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Colbert Demands Olbermann Name Him 'Worst Person in the World' Popular
After Olbermann ribbed Colbert for writing an email sucking up to Mark Sanford, Colbert demanded to be named 'Worst Person in the World."

Colbert Declares Himself Governor of South Carolina
As his first act as governor of South Carolina, Stephen calls off the search for Mark Sanford.

Complete Coverage of Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando Popular
Watch highlights from Stephen Colbert's visit to Iraq.

Obama Orders Colbert's Haircut Popular
General Ray Odierno shaves Stephen's head under orders from President Obama.

Colbert Declares Victory in Iraq
You're all going to want to remember where you were when you heard Stephen declare victory in Iraq.

Colbert Goes Through Basic Training Popular
Stephen Colbert doesn't get any special treatment when he participates in 10 full hours of basic training.

Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando - Mysterious Trip Popular
It's not a hoax after all -- Stephen mysteriously makes his way to Baghdad, Iraq.

Coke Party Protest
Stephen Colbert is planning a Coke Party Protest in opposition to the proposed soda tax.

The Prescott Group Bailout
Stephen Colbert satirizes government bailouts with a spot-on infomercial promoting a bailout for the fictional Prescott Group.

The Colbert Coalition's Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Popular
There's a giant gay storm gathering, and before long the winds will be blowing each other.

NASA Names Treadmill After Colbert Popular
Stephen Colbert did not get a node of the International Space Station named after him, but he did get a consolation prize - a space treadmill named in his honor.

Stephen Colbert's Rap Battle with Michael Steele

In accordance with hip-hop's longstanding fairness doctrine, Stephen presents Michael Steele's rap response, remixed on behalf of Michael Steele.

Glenn Beck's War Room
Glenn Beck believes you have a responsibility to prepare yourself for things that are never going to happen.

Doom Bunker
Stephen Colbert imagines horrific future scenarios which are sure to happen.

Alan Colmes Joins Colbert
Alan Colmes joins Stephen Colbert as co-host on The Colbert Report.

Colbert-Stewart Hanukkah Song
Watch as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert sing an amusing Hanukkah song as part of "A Colbert Christmas."

Indecision 2008 Election Special
Watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert call the election for Barack Obama as part of their Indecision 2008 live coverage.

Stephen Colbert Endorses Barack Obama
Stephen Colbert announces that he will endorse (but not vote for) Barack Obama.

McCain Attacks Obama
John McCain has not accepted Stephen Colbert's invitation, so he has no choice but to spread horrible lies about him

Michelle Obama's Speech
Bill Kristol isn't the only commentator who saw through Michelle Obama's facade of warmth, competence and likability.

Burning Man Festival Confusion
Stephen Colbert confuses footage of the Burning Man festival with the Democratic National Convention.

John McCain Steals fro Wikipedia
Wikipedia gets its facts from the American people, which means John McCain is now using the people's voice -- or at least lip-syncing to it.

The Word: Catharsis
You deserve to have Stephen give a speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Tim Russert Tribute
Stephen Colbert pays homage to Tim Russert by showing his interview on "Meet the Press."

Democralypse Now - Hillary Concedes

Hillary Clinton drops out of the Democratic race and Stephen loses his best frenemy.

McCain Green Screen Challenge
Stephen Colbert issues a bold challenge to Americans to make John McCain seem more interesting

Colbert Imitates O'Reilly Meltdown Popular
Stephen Colbert imitates Bill O'Reilly infamous meltdown on "Inside Edition," and as far as he can tell, O'Reilly did nothing wrong.

Jenna Bush Wedding
Stephen Colbert still hasn't received an invitation, but he's eager for the Jenna Bush wedding.

Obama Copycattery
Hillary Clinton was the Democratic frontrunner until Barack Obama thought it looked like fun and decided to give it a try, too.

Hillary Clinton Takes on Technical Difficulties
Senator Hillary Clinton gets to the bottom of Stephen's technical problems and recommends toggling the input.

Obama Takes on Distractions Popular
Senator Barack Obama believes that the American people are tired of petty distractions.

John Edwards Presents EdWords Popular
In considering who gets his vote, John Edwards is concerned about more than receiving several jet skis for his family -- he'd also like to be a spy.

Clinton vs. Obama Philadelphia Debate Review
Stephen believes that ABC did a great job with the one-on-one Clinton vs. Obama Democratic debate, and so does ABC.

Democralypse Now: The Boss
Bruce Springsteen is backing Obama? If Americans start hoping, what will he write his songs about?

Michelle Obama Interview
Michelle Obama charmed Stephen Colbert during an appearance on The Colbert Report.

Ed Rendell Interview

Stephen finds out from Governor Ed Rendell that the people of Pennsylvania are both bitter and sweet.

National Anthem

Stephen Colbert and John Legend sing the National Anthem.

Colbert Report: From Philadelphia

Stephen is in Philly this week with a few new additions -- a giant map and Benjamin Franklin.

Pennsylvania Primary History
Stephen looks back and explains how Pennsylvania has become a flashpoint primary.

Chris Matthews Interview

Stephen asks Philadelphia native Chris Matthews how to win the Pennsylvania vote.

Colbert Wins Peabody Award
Stephen Colbert wins the most coveted honor in electronic media and laughs in Jon Stewart's face.

Colbert Report: Spicy Sweet Coverage
Stephen Colbert promises to use the power of the "Colbert Bump" to swing the election to either Obama or Clinton.

Democralypse Now -- Ferraro
Stephen explains how the Democratic Party is self-destructing like...the Democratic Party.

Spitzer Sandwich
Governor Eliot Spitzer's appearance on the show was sandwiched between his illegal activities.

Spitzer Greeting Cards
It is not often that a husband can get a hug from his wife just for not going to a prostitute.

Size Matters
Stephen invents some new states -- like South Georgiabamasippiana -- to help Obama win the election.

Stephen is heartbroken that John McCain takes the GOP nomination.

Obama's Photo
Stephen Colbert says the photo of Barack Obama dressed in Muslim garb is not divisive - it brings the nation together in the belief that Obama is a terrorist.

Colbert Welcomes Back His Writers
Colbert personally welcomes back each of his writers.

Conan, Stewart & Colbert Throw Down Popular
Conan has warned both Jon and Stephen and now they will have to pay.

Florida Primary
McCain used his victory speech to send a subtle coded message to Republican voters.

Clinton's Hero
Hillary Clinton has found her new black friend -- Frederick Douglass.

Fred Thompson Out
Fred Thompson is out of the race…or is he?

National Treasure Pt. 3
There has never been a better time to take a whiz in Washington.

Mike Huckabee Interview
Stephen Colbert talks about religion, immigration and guns with his running mate Mike Huckabee.

Hail to the Cheese - Branded Killings
Stephen keeps up with John McCain's campaign promises of branded killings.

008 Election
Stephen Colbert says he is the one who can stop Barack Obama.

Stephen Colbert Pays Tribute to Nancy Pelosi
Stephen Colbert introduces House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards.

Colbert Campaigns in South Carolina
Stephen hits the campaign trail to meet his hometown neighbors in Charleston, South Carolina.

Colbert Reacts to His Ballot Rejection Popular
Stephen finally hears from Carol Fowler, the South Carolina Democratic Party Chair.

South Carolina Denies Colbert's Presidential Bid Popular
Stephen Colbert's presidential campaign appears to have come to an abrupt halt after South Carolina Democrats denied his request to be placed on the presidential primary ballot.

Presidential Job Description
Stephen makes it clear that he is not running for president -- he is running for President Bush.

Colbert Discusses His Presidential Ambitions on 'Meet the Press'
Stephen Colbert assures Tim Russert that he was very serious about his candidacy, and that this was not "a dream you will wake up from."

The Big News
Stephen is heartbroken that the New York Times snubbed his presidential announcement.

Filing Papers
Stephen fills out the proper documents to run for President in the South Carolina primary.

Nail To The Chief
Questions arise about Stephen's presidential campaign: great candidate? Or the greatest?

Stephen Colbert Announces Presidential Run Popular
Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert throws his satirical hat into the ring.

Colbert Report: Analysis of Colbert's Presidential Prospects
Senior political correspondent for CBS, Jeff Greenfield helps Stephen with his campaign strategy.

Dennis Kucinich Accepts Colbert's Challenge
Dennis Kucinich accepts Stephen's challenge to come on the show and empty out his pockets.

Enviro-Medal Disaster
Al Gore isn't the only one that deserves an award. Don't our children deserve a few?

Stephen Colbert Interviews Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert asks Stephen Colbert about his book, The Daily Show, and the presidency.

Colbert Report: Obama's Lapel
You don't need a flag pin on your lapel to be a patriot. That's why Stephen has a flag nipple ring.

Colbert Report: Alpha Dog Bush
The President leapt from back of the pack to lead husky, leaving us staring at his swinging sack.

Indecision 2008: Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani IS one of the top five best known Americans in the world.

Na Na-Na Na Na Na
We owe a debt of gratitude to the Senate for reminding us that words can hurt.

On the sixth anniversary of 9/11, all America needs to do is re-run and we can reunite and re-believe.

Bloomberg's Signature
Stephen Colbert interrupts Mayor Bloomberg's speech to get his cast signed.

Richard Branson Interview
The Colbert-Branson Trainwreck, live for the first time!

November Surprise
Stephen Colbert says Fred Thompson is like the present you save until the week after your birthday.

Formidable Opponent
Stephen debates the only man he's sure is not in Al Qaeda: Stephen Colbert.

Colbert-Branson Train Wreck
Colbert tries to quiet rumors about his explosive interview with Richard Branson.

Stephen Colbert Goes Undercover as a Daily Kos Blogger
Stephen Colbert catches Markos Moulitsas, founder of DailyKos.com, in a truly hateful position.

Alberto Gonzales could become a one-man justice system, like RoboCop.

Yearly Kos Convention
Stephen Colbert does a side-by-side comparison of Nazi footage and Yearly Kos footage.

2007 Filibustacular
Stephen recaps the adventures he had during his 24-hour broadcast.

Smiley Face
If we all believe the troops have won the war, then Bush can believe it's time to bring them home.

Alpha Dog Fred Thompson
Fred Thompson refuses to heel as he humps his way through the neighborhood.

Cheney's Fourth Branch

Dick Cheney is our shadow leader and he can stick his papers where the sun don't shine.

Faith Off
CNN gives the Dems an hour to talk about GOD. Wonder what they did with the other 58 minutes.

Libby's Canned Good
Scotter Libby gets 2 and 1/2 years in prison, but he's eligible for a pardon...now.

Tom DeLay Interview
Colbert to DeLay: "You are my first indicted guest."

2nd Presidential Debate
Stephen Colbert gets so excited about the debate that his nipples explode.

Stephen Colbert Debates Himself on the Future of Iraq
Stephen Colbert debates the only person who can possibly keep up with his quick wit -- himself.

Howard Dean Interview
If forced to vote Republican, Howard Dean would pick Bill O'Reilly and Stephen Colbert.

Sean Penn Interview
Stephen Colbert asks Sean Penn if he's been committing treason since he was young.

Paul Wolfowitz: Alpha Dog of the Week
Stephen Colbert awards the embattled Paul Wolfowitz this week's top Alpha Dog honors.

John Kerry Interview
Senator Kerry drops by "The Colbert Report" to talk about his new book This Moment on Earth: Today's New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future, co-written with wife, Theresa.

Word: Clean Slate

Alberto, go on a bender, pass out and wake up next to a pile of documents you don't recognize.

Stephen's Racial Slurs
Imitation is a form of flattery. Just think of Stephen as a tribute band with racial stereotypes.

Katrina vanden Heuvel Interview
Katrina vanden Heuvel, from The Nation, appears on The Colbert Report to talk about truthiness.

Colbert Dares Democrats to Impeach Bush Popular
Stephen Colbert says that if Democrats really want to go toe-to-toe with President Bush they should grow some balls.

For Your Editing Pleasure
Gwen Ifill interviews Stephen Colbert, giving everyone a chance to twist his words through editing.

Colbert Fires Back at Rahm Emanuel
When Stephen heard the news that Rep. Rahm Emanuel was warning freshman congressmen to stay away from The Colbert Report, he didn't take it lightly.

Colbert Report: Colbert's Best Nailings
Watch a highlight reel of Stephen Colbert's funniest interviews with members of Congress.

Colbert Report: Gay Graph
Stephen catches another infomo-sexual graphic in the USA Today.

Cheating Newt Gingrich
It took a lot of humility for Newt Gingrich to admit that he isn't as good as God.

Ben and Jerry's AmeriCone Dream

Ben & Jerry's introduces a new ice cream flavor named for Stephen Colbert: AmeriCone Dream.

Colbert Report: Larry King Interview
Stephen wants to know if Larry King's suspenders are lethal weapons.

Word: Inappropriate
Putting Al Qaeda in Iraq may have taken some imagination, but Doug Feith made it a reality.

Debra Dickerson
Debra Dickerson explains that Barack Obama is not a Black American.

Chris Hedges Interview
The author of Americans Fascists defends his takedown of the Christian right against Stephen Colbert's absurdist onslaught.

The only way to bring democracy to the Middle East is to silence it here.

Second Opinion on Global Warming
If we can find one scientist who says that global warming is not real, then it's not real.

Barry Lando
Barry Lando tells Stephen that every President from Ike to Bush is to blame for the Iraq war.

Stephen Colbert Day!
Oshawa Mayor John Gray loses a bet but wins an opportunity to celebrate Stephen Colbert Day!

State of the Union
The President's speech was so good Stephen stopped applauding just moments ago.

Sour of Attorney
Attorney Gen. Alberto Gonzales faces Congress. Good thing he knows how to deal with terrorists.

Stephen Interviews Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA)
Great clip from the Colbert Report.

Colbert on O'Reilly, O'Reilly on Colbert
Watch video clips of Stephen Colbert appearing on The O'Reilly Factor, and Bill O'Reilly appearing on The Colbert Report.

Word: Facts
Democrats may be in control but that's no reason to lose hope.

Stephen Goes to Harvard
Time for Politics 101 with Professor Doctor Stephen T. Colbert.

Blame Duck
We're winning the Iraq War!

The Word: Casualty of War
Stephen Colbert is not telling the government to lie, he's telling them to report the facts less.

Cleaning Out TiVo
Gotta clean out the TiVo every now and then or it gets mangy, like the bikini line.

The Lehrer Interview
Jim Lehrer says it takes a lot of courage to be boring five nights a week.

Colbert to McCain: Choose Life!
Stephen Colbert pleads with presidential hopeful John McCain not to commit suicide.

Back Off, Old Man
Stephen has something to say on behalf of the president and all sons everywhere.

Colbert Interviews Al Franken
Imagine Al Franken with a huge codpiece as he does his victory dance.

Colbert on Rush Limbaugh
Get off Rush's back! You know his back is injured, that's how he got on those painkillers!

Colbert's Election-Night Meltdown Popular
Colbert: "The people have spoken. And apparently they're tired of freedom. Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed -- I thought this country would last longer than 230 years. That's it, folks, America's over."

Colbert Video: The Path to 11/7
Stephen presents the first installment of his new histori-docu-fictio-mentary.

Word: Shameless
The stem cell-ocracy is cynically exploiting Fox's disease to try to find a cure for his disease.

Stephen Colbert Debates the Existence of God Popular
Stephen debates the existence of God with Richard Dawkins, author of the book 'The God Delusion.' Colbert: "This is kind of unfair become God's on my side in this argument."

Stephen Interviews David Kuo
Stephen and David Kuo talk about "compassionate conservatives" and separation of church and state.

Colbert on Santorum's Comparison of Iraq to Lord Of The Rings
Sen. Rick Santorum puts the Iraq War in terms Stephen can understand.

The Word: Sherlock
If there are no more reasons why we invaded Iraq, then we actually did not invade Iraq at all.

Stephen Colbert's Guide to Republican Folly
"You can stick the WMDs right inside Abu Ghraib!"

Stephen Colbert's Green Screen Challenge Popular
Stephen Colbert announces the winner of his Green Screen Challenge, with George Lucas on hand.

Colbert Sucks Up to Kim Jong-Il
Stephen Colbert tries to make nice to Kim Jong-Il in exchange for not attacking us.

Colbert on FoleyGate
Stephen Colbert addresses FoleyGate and takes the blame himself.

Colbert Welcomes Kissinger Back to White House
Stephen Colbert sounds off on the revelation in Bob Woodward's book that Henry Kissinger is refighting the Vietnam war.

Colbert on the Torture Compromise
Stephen Colbert put Sen. John McCain and friends to shame by exposing the Republican senators' torture protest as pseudo-opposition and their compromise with the Bush administration as an abject cave-in.

Colbert vs. Carrel: Even Steven Popular
As part of its 10th anniversary retrospective, The Daily Show presents classic highlights from "Even Steven," looking back at the hilariously contentious discourse between former correspondents Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert's Word For Republicans: 'Lose'
Stephen Colbert urges Republicans to get out there and lose those congressional seats, saying "losing always makes you fight harder than the next time around."

Colbert Lampoons Bush's Torture Agenda
Stephen Colbert goes after Bush's proposed re-imagining of the Geneva Convention by inviting the President to come on the "Report" and demonstrate his preferred interrogation techniques.

Colbert Mocks Sen. George Allen's 'Ethnic Rally'
Stephen Colbert spoofs Sen. George Allen's latest attempt at damage control, following the senator's racist gaffe.

Colbert Plays the Name Game in Jersey
Stephen Colbert sits down with Richard Sexton to discuss his congressional candidacy against the confusingly named incumbent, James Saxton.

Stephen Colbert's Word of the Day: 'Shall'
Stephen Colbert comments on the distinction between Senator Durbin's amendment and Senator Allen's amendment: the difference being the word "shall."

Colbert Nails 9/11 Docu-Farce
Stephen Colbert sinks his teeth into the "Path to 9/11" controversy.

Stephen Colbert's Lightsaber Moves
Stephen Colbert shows off his sweet lightsaber moves.

Stewart and Colbert Team Up to Mock Geraldo
Stephen Colbert calls out Jon Stewart in the ongoing feud to get Stewart to apologize to Geraldo.

Colbert: Why is Bush Running Away from Lamont's Opponent?
Stephen Colbert wonders if Bush is refusing to endorse Ned Lamont's Republican opponent in the Connecticut Senate race because the president is so toxic these days.

Colbert Ribs 'Party of Death' Author
Stephen Colbert trains his mock-Bill O'Reilly act on Ramesh Ponnuru, the conservative author of "Party of Death."

Colbert Campaigns For Tom DeLay
Stephen Colbert cuts a campaign ad for Tom DeLay, who's still on the ballot in Texas.

Colbert Withdraws Invitation to Lieberman
Stephen Colbert regretfully concludes that Sen. Joe Lieberman will not be appearing on The Colbert Report.

Colbert Wreaks Havoc on Wikipedia Popular
Stephen Colbert coins a new word: Wikiality, saying, "Who is Britannica to tell me that George Washington had slaves? If I want to say he didn't, that's my right. And now, thanks to Wikipedia, it's now a fact."

Colbert Gets Congressman to Say 'I Enjoy Cocaine' Popular
What do you get when you put Stephen Colbert in a room with a congressman facing an uncontested election? Television magic.

Snowflake Baby Flips Off Bush
Stephen Colbert highlights a funny moment from Bush's media event featuring so-called "snowflake babies"

Stephen Colbert on World War III
Stephen Colbert takes a shot at the FOX News pundits and offers some perspective on the conflict between Israel and Lebanon.

Amy Sedaris Tumbling on The Colbert Report
Stephen Colbert gets physical with guest Amy Sedaris.

Stephen Colbert on the 10 Commandments
Stephen Colbert interviews Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), co-sponsor of a bill about the 10 Commandments, and finds that he can't even name them.

Stephen Colbert Interviews Tom DeLay
Stephen Colbert conducts an exclusive interview with Tom Delay on the eve of his departure.

Stephen Colbert Roasts Bush Popular
Watch the video of comedian Stephen Colbert's biting "tribute" to President Bush at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Bush's Reaction to Colbert's Audition Video Popular
The camera remains on Bush in this version of the Colbert roast, showing Bush's contemptuous headshaking, jaw twitches, lip purses and eye squinches.

Stephen Colbert Interviews Robert Kennedy Jr.
Colbert and Kennedy discuss whether Bush stole the 2004 election.

Stephen Colbert Interviews Bill Kristol
Stephen Coblert conducts an amusing interview with The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol about the Project For the New American Century and other topics.

Michael Brown on The Colbert Report Popular
Former FEMA Director Michael Brown sits down for a grilling with Stephen Colbert.

Al Franken on The Colbert Report Popular
Air America Radio's Al Franken matches wits with Stephen Colbert.

Keith Olbermann on The Colbert Report
MSNBC's Keith Olbermann sits down with Stephen Colbert and talks about his ongoing rivalry with FOX News Channel's Bill O'Reilly.

Stephen Colbert on 'The Long War'
On "The Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert highlights the new name for war on terror word that the pentagon is now using.

Stephen Colbert on Illegal Wiretapping
Stephen Colbert wins a debate with himself over illegal wiretapping.

Colbert Coins 'Truthiness' on Premiere of The Colbert Report Popular
Stephen Colbert coins the word "truthiness" on the premiere of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

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