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Sarah Palin Gets Revenge on William Shatner

Sarah Palin gets revenge on master thespian William Shatner during a surprise appearance on "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien," where she answers his reading of her book "Going Rogue" with a reading from Shatner's autobiography.

Jon Stewart's Brilliant Glenn Beck Impersonation
Jon Stewart does a brilliant, pitch-perfect imitation of FOX News Channel's resident conspiracy theorist, Glenn Beck, in this classic "Daily Show" segment. There's a war going on in America, and the stakes are nothing less than Glenn Beck's internal organs.

SNL Provides Horrifying Glimpse of Palin Presidency
"Saturday Night Live" combines Sarah Palin and the disaster movie "2012" to imagine a world in which Palin wins the presidency. On Election Day 2012, planet Earth is going rogue.

David Letterman Apologizes On the Air to His Wife

David Letterman apologized on the air to his wife and his staff following his admission that he had sexual affairs with staff members. He also cracked a couple of jokes about his wife's reaction.

SNL Hits Obama With Sketch Detailing All His Failures in Office
Saturday Night Live ticks off Obama's failed promises.

Jon Stewart Destroys Dems For Not Getting the Public Option Passed
Jon Stewart goes off on Senate Democrats for failing to get their health care reform plan past the Senate Finance Committee despite having a super majority.

Tom DeLay's Last Dance on Dancing With the Stars
The Hammer dances the samba.

Joe the Plumber is now Joe the Failed Comedian

Watch the painful stand-up routine Joe Wurzelbacher performed at "DC's Funniest Celebrity" contest.

Top 10 Reasons Obama Agreed To Appear On David Letterman
#2: "Said 'yes' without thinking...like Bush did with Iraq."

Funny Or Die: 'Protect Insurance Companies' PSA
Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm and other celebrities trash the Public Option in a sarcastic "Protect Insurance Companies" PSA, presented by Funny Or Die

SNL Takes on Republicans in Congress Over Wilson Outburst

Saturday Night Live
lampoons Joe "You Lie" Wilson and explains how he came to make such a fool of himself during Obama's health-care speech.

Obama Calls Kanye West a Jackass Popular
President Obama calls Kanye West a "jackass" for interrupting Taylor's Swfit's MTV awards acceptance speech.

Lewis Black on Angry Outbursts
Lewis Black takes on angry outbursts from the likes of Joe Wilson, Kanye West, and Serena Williams.

Daily Show: Glenn Beck and the Tea Party Protest
on Stewart mocks the "impotent rage" of Glenn Beck and the Tea Party protesters.

Jay Leno Interviews Obama

Jay Leno conducts an amusing mock interview with President Obama.

We're #37!

A little song celebrating our position at #37 in the world in healthcare.

Billionaires for Wealthcare Sing 'Let's Save the Status Quo'
A satirical song by a group calling themselves Billionaires for Wealthcare, which staged an amusing counter-protest at theTea Party protest in Washington.

Barney Frank's Town Hall Smackdown
Rep. Barney Frank rips apart a deranged protester who compared Obama to Hitler at a town hall, asking, "On what planet do you spend most of your time?"

Britney Spears Runs for President With 'Letterman' Top 10
Britney Spears appears in a bikini on the "Late Show With David Letterman" and reads the "Top Ten Ways the Country Would Be Different If Britney Spears Were President."

Bill Maher Takes on the Obama 'Birthers' Popular
Bill Maher slams the Obama "birthers" and warns that they must be stopped. "This is not a case of Democrats vs. Republicans. It's sentient beings vs. the Lizard People."

Daily Show: So You Think You Can Douche
Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and Glenn Beck compete for dubious "Daily Show" honor. Watch as Hannity scares and confuses with grainy footage, Dobbs demands a birth certificate, and Beck calls Obama a racist.

William Shatner Recites Palin's Tweets As Poetry
William Shatner performed a dramatic reading of Sarah Palin's Tweets during another brilliant performance on "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien."

William Shatner Does Sarah Palin
William Shatner turns Sarah Palin's rambling farewell speech into beat poetry. Hilarity ensues.

Bill Maher: Gates Home Security
An amusing spoof inspired by the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates.

Top Ten Things Overheard at Sarah Palin's Farewell Party
David Letterman bids farewell to Sarah Palin.

Jon Stewart Eviscerates the 'Birther' Movement Popular
Jon Stewart rips apart the "birthers" and their enablers in the media (we're looking at you, Lou Dobbs) who claim Obama is not an American citizen.

John Hodgman Declares Obama Our 'First Nerd President'
Humorist John Hodgman gives a stellar performance as the headliner a the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner.

JibJab Presents Obama the Superhero Popular
JibJab presents a brilliant animated video titled "He's Barack Obama," which portrays Obama as a superhero saving the world. It premiered at the Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner in front of Obama himself, who cracked up as he watched the video.

Obama Draws Big Laughs at Radio & TV Correspondents' Dinner Popular
A month after his comedic debut at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, President Obama skewers the media in another stand-up routine at the Radio and TV Correspondents dinner.

Daily Show: Governor Mark Sanford Affair
Mark Sanford holds a press conference to admit he's just another politician with a conservative mind and a liberal penis.

Colbert Declares Himself Governor of South Carolina
As his first act as governor of South Carolina, Stephen calls off the search for Mark Sanford.

Funny Or Die: Ahmadinejad Tweets Back
Ahmadinejad gets a Twitter account and tries to master the new social media.

Daily Show: Oppression of House Republicans
The Daily Show mocks Republicans for comparing themselves to Iranian protesters.

Best Political Moments From 'The Tonight Show'
A montage of the best political moments from The Tonight Show, including appearances by Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Al Gore, and others.

Daily Show: Cheney vs. Obama Duel
In their dueling speeches on national security, Barack Obama opens with familiar rhetoric, while Dick Cheney does the one thing terrorists love most.

Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner Popular
Barack Obama delivered one of the edgiest comic performances any president has ever given at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Wanda Sykes Knocks Limbaugh and Hannity at WHCD Popular

Watch video of comedian Wanda Skykes' biting comedy routine at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Auto-Tune the News
Pundits and news anchors breaking into song to deliver the news with the help of the auto-tune vocal effect.

Houston, We Have a Solution: Let Texas Secede
A funny video pointing out the obvious fact that we would all be better off if Texas seceded from the Union.

Blagojevich's Hair Care Mystery - Revealed!

Rod Blagojevich's hair is so big because it's full of secrets, and this week at LAX he spilled one of 'em -- revealing just how he maintains that now infamous mop.

Daily Show: Balzheimer's Disease
Dick Cheney and Karl Rove suffer from an illness that gives them the balls to attack the Obama administration.

Daily Show: Bizarro Washington

John Oliver goes to the only place where Dick Cheney and Karl Rove's respect for transparency makes perfect sense.

Funny Or Die: Gathering Storm

There is a storm being caused by gay marriage and we are all in serious trouble.

Daily Show: We Don't Torture
No one is upset about the fact that America tortures, they're just upset that they now know about it.

Colbert Report: The Colbert Coalition's Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Popular
There's a giant gay storm gathering, and before long the winds will be blowing each other.

Daily Show: Nationwide Tax Protests
The tea party protests allow Fox News to become the voice of the people's revolution.

Daily Show: Tea Party Tyranny
John Oliver discovers that Americans don't know anything about tyranny at a tea party protest in Morristown, NJ.

Colbert Report: NASA Names Treadmill After Colbert Popular
Stephen Colbert did not get a node of the International Space Station named after him, but he did get a consolation prize - a space treadmill named in his honor.

Daily Show: Road to the Dog House: Bo Obama
Bo Obama becomes America's first openly gay White House dog.

Tonight Show: Barack Obama Interview Popular
Watch Obama's complete interview with Jay Leno, including his unfortunate joke about the Special Olympics.

Portia De Rossi PSA
Portia De Rossi apologizes for marrying Ellen DeGeneres in a PSA on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kids Talk Back to Bobby Jindal
Kids prove they're smarter than the Louisiana governor.

Daily Show: Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer Interview Popular
Jon Stewart tears apart CNBC's Jim Cramer during an appearance on The Daily Show, saying, "I understand that you want to make finance entertaining, but it's not a f***king game."

Lex Luthor Needs a Bailout, Starring John Hamm

John Hamm from Mad Men stars as Lex Luthor petitioning for a bailout in a new spoof video presented by Funny Or Die.

Daily Show: Jim Cramer Battle Popular
Jon declares that Jim Cramer is scheduled to appear on the show, where they will no doubt work out their long-range war of words.

Daily Show: Basic Cable Personality Clash Skirmish '09 Popular
After NBC steps up to defend Jim Cramer, Jon goes on an MTV Networks rehabilitation tour of his own.

SNL: Michael Steele's Shock Treatment
RNC Chairman Michael Steele receives electric shocks for saying things not approved by Rush Limbaugh.

Bill Maher's Ode to Government
Bill Maher praises the first responders who put out your fires and the ranger who shoos pedophiles out of the park restroom.

Rush Limbaugh Addresses the Nation
A spoof video presented by Funny Or Die.

Colbert Report: Earmarks Abuse Ends Tomorrow

Obama announces the end of the abuse of earmarks, and then signs an appropriations bill containing nearly 9,000 earmarks.

Daily Show: Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNBC Popular
Jon Stewart blasts CNBC's credibility and mocks the financial network for peddling faux-populist bilge.

Colbert Report: Stephen Colbert's Doom Bunker
Stephen Colbert takes Glenn Beck's end times scenarios to the doom bunker and imagines horrific future scenarios which are sure to happen.

Daily Show: Twitter Frenzy Popular
Old Man Jon Stewart shakes his fist at Twitter as Samantha Bee attempts to explain why so many people are tweeting.

Daily Show: A Party in Limbaugh
Michael Steele falls into the liberal media trap by criticizing Rush Limbaugh.

Kenneth The Page responds To Bobby Jindal Popular
Jack McBrayer takes to NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" show to issue "the Jack McBrayer response to the Internet response to the Republican response to the President's address to Congress."

Letterman: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches Popular
David Letterman takes one last look back at Bush's greatest hits.

SNL: Ann Coulter on 'Weeked Update' Popular
Ann Coulter gives an impassioned defense of George Bush on SNL's "Weekend Update."

Daily Show: Dance Dance Inauguration
Inauguration night is an odd and quintessentially American mix of historical significance and pop culture triviality.

Funny Or Die: High-Five Inauguration Popular
A celebratory video featuring Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Howard Dean, and others giving some skin.

Daily Show: Changefest '09: Obama's Inauguration
Dick Cheney might as well have been rolled out to the Star Wars "Imperial March" with a white cat on his lap.

Daily Show: Barack Concert
Barack Obama hops on the seven-hour express train from Philadelphia to DC so he can attend a concert.

Obama Girl and Obama Sing a Duet
The latest video by Barely Political.

Daily Show: You Don't Know Dick - Exit Interview
While we may not have agreed with some of the decisions Dick Cheney has made, we can all agree that we can't call them mistakes.

Daily Show: Final Message From the White House
White House Press Secretary Dana Perino delivers a final message from the Bush White House.

Daily Show: Moment of Zen - Credits for the Last Eight Years
Jon recognizes some of the people without whom he couldn't have done the show.

SNL: Dick Cheney Exit Interview
The departing vice president has no regrets.

The Ultimate George W. Bush Retrospective

A funny montage presented by 23/6.

Santa Bailout Hearings
Santa is seeking a bailout too. Watch his congressional testimony, brought to you by National Lampoon.

Bush Shoe-Throwing Video
Watch the video of an Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at President Bush.

Austin Powers Shoe-Throwing Mashup
The Bush shoe-throwing episode meets the flying shoe from Austin Powers in this video mashup.

Prop. 8: The Musical
Celebrities take on California's gay marriage ban in a hilarious new video from Funny Or Die.

Daily Show: MSNBC Replaces FOX News Popular
Since Fox News won't be the mouthpiece of this new administration, MSNBC steps up to fill the gap.

Daily Show: End Times Countdown - Bush Exit Interviews
Charlie Gibson asks George W. Bush about his presidential "uh-oh moments."

Daily Show: Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits
The Daily Show looks back at the phenomenon of the vice presidential candidate from Wasilla, Alaska.

Sarah Palin's Turkey Pardon Fiasco Popular
Sarah Palin pardons a turkey while others are slaughtered in the background.

World Leaders Refuse to Shake Bush's Hand
Watch video of the pariah-in-chief filing past a line of leaders at the G20 summit while hanging his head in apparent shame.

SNL mocks Joe Biden
Saturday Night Live pokes fun at Joe Biden and his propensity for gaffes.

Rahm Emanuel Roasts Stephen Colbert
Obama's chief of staff hurls barbs at his longtime pseudo-nemesis Stephen Colbert, as well as Joe Biden, Sarah Palin, and Joe Lieberman.

Bill Maher: Farewell to Douchebags
Bill Maher bids goodbye to the farewell faces and names of election 2008.

Daily Show: Sarah Palin Is So Dumb

Now that it doesn't matter, Wyatt Cenac can tell you Sarah Palin thinks the alphabet has 22 letters.

Daily Show: World Reaction to Obama Victory
For one day it seemed as if the entire world had won the Super Bowl, as spontaneous demonstrations of joy filled the streets.

Daily Show: Obama Victory Coverage
For the news networks, election night is Christmas, Hanukkah, and your parents getting divorced all at once -- in other words -- toys.

Indecision 2008 Election Special Popular
Watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert call the election for Barack Obama as part of their Indecision 2008 live coverage.

McCain and Palin on SNL's Presidential Bash
The Republican presidential ticket appears on Saturday Night Live's "Presidential Bash."

Have no fear, SuperBarack is here.

John McCain on 'Saturday Night Live' Popular
The real John McCain appears on on Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin as the two address the nation.

Bill Maher: New Rules: Best Election Ever

Bill Maher takes a hilarious look back at the 2008 election.

Daily Show: Barack Obama Interview
Barack Obama discusses his white half, socialism, and Sean Hannity on The Daily Show.

Daily Show: Sarah Palin Goin' Rogue Popular
They found Sarah Palin in the wild, taught her everything, and set her loose, but they forgot one thing: she couldn't be contained.

Thomas Haden Church vs. Joe the Plumber
Actor Thomas Haden Church, playing fellow cultural icon Joe Six Pack, issues a drunken challenge to Joe the Plumber.

David Alan Grier: 'Be Cool, Black People'
David Alan Grier of Comedy Central's "Chocolate News" delivers a PSA.

Stephen Colbert Endorses Barack Obama Popular
Stephen Colbert announces that he will endorse (but not vote for) Barack Obama.

Paris for President
Paris Hilton releases a music video to accompany her mock presidential campaign.

Keith Olbermann: 'Worst Person in the World'
Watch the latest installment of the popular "Worst Person in the Word" segment from Countdown With Keith Olbermann.

Wassup 2008 Popular
Eight years later, the characters in the classic Budweiser "Wassup" ad reprise their roles in a video to promote Barack Obama.

The Vet Who Did Not Vet
A Dr. Seuss-style telling of the McCain and Palin tale.

McCain vs. Obama Dance-Off
There's only one place the election should be decided...the dance floor.

SNL: Obama Variety Show
Barack and Michelle Obama sing "Solid As Barack" with guests Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, and Joe Biden.

SNL: Biden and Murtha Stump for Obama on SNL
Sen. Joe Biden and Rep. John Murtha say crazy things in Pennsylvania.

SNL: Will Ferrell's Bush Meets Tina Fey's Palin Popular
Will Ferrell returns as Bush on Saturday Night Live to offer his endorsement to John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Ron Howard's Retro Ad for Obama Popular
In a call to support Barack Obama, Ron Howard reprises the role of Opie alongside Andy Griffith and returns to "Happy Days" with Henry Winkler.

Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live
Sarah Palin makes a much-anticipated appearance on Saturday Night Live in a skit featuring Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Lorne Michaels, and Mark Wahlberg.

Obama Roasts McCain at Al Smith Dinner Popular
Barack Obama roasts John McCain and pokes fun at himself at the traditional Al Smith Dinner.

McCain Roasts Obama at Al Smith Dinner Popular
John McCain roasts Barack obama and pokes fun at himself at the Al Smith Dinner.

McCain Tells Letterman: 'I Screwed Up' Popular
David Letterman subjects McCain to one of the toughest interviews of the campaign.

Joe Biden's Tonight Show Flub
The Democratic VP candidate commits a minor flub to kick off the show.

Angry John McCain

Watch Angry McCain and Eye-Rolling McCain take on Obama at the final presidential debate.

The Big McCain: Mark It Zero
A parody featuring John McCain in The Big Lebowski as Walter Sobchak, a disgruntled Vietnam vet with a foul mouth and anger management problems.

The Republican Test
Want to join the Republican campaign? You have to pass the test.

Comedy Central: Chocolate News

Watch a funny preview clip from Chocolate News, in which David Alan Grier argues why white America should vote for Barack Obama - because he's only half black. The new Comedy Central show premieres Oct. 15 at 10:30 p.m.

Hayden Panettiere: McCain Will Kill Us All
Hayden Panettiere's public service announcement, presented by Funny Or Die

SNL Spoofs the Obama-McCain Debate Popular
Saturday Night Live spoofs the Nashville presidential debate in a special edition of "Weekend Update."

Paris Hilton Gets Presidential With Martin Sheen Popular
Paris Hilton seeks the advice of our most esteemed fake president in her new campaign video.

Les Misbarack
A funny spoof video featuring Obama campaign staffers singing "One Day More" from the musical Les Miserables.

Letterman: Sarah Palin Debate Recap
David Letterman presents a hilarious recap of Sarah Palin at the vice presidential debate.

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin in VP Debate Popular
Tina Fey reprises her role as Sarah Pain in a Saturday Night Live skit satirizing the vice presidential debate.

Letterman and Brian Williams on VP Debate
Talking to David Letterman about the VP debate, Brian Williams says, "I'm a maverick and I may not answer the questions tonight the way you want to hear them, Dave."

Homer Simpson Votes for Obama
In an episode of The Simpsons slated to run November 2, Homer Simpson tries to vote for Barack Obama. A machine changes the vote to McCain and proceeds to kill him.

SNL: Tina Fey Mocks Palin-Couric Interview Popular
Tina Fey reprises her Sarah Palin impersonation in a Saturday Night Live skit mocking Palin's disastrous interview with Katie Couric.

Sarah Palin Swimsuit Video Popular
Watch video footage of a young Sarah Palin in the swimsuit competition during the 1984 Miss Alaska Pageant.

Sarah Palin Disney Trailer Popular
An Alaskan hockey mom becomes Vice President in the wackiest family comedy of the year! Sound familiar?

Letterman Mocks McCain for Canceling Late Show Appearance Popular
David Letterman delivers one of the most punishing beat downs any presidential candidate has ever received on late-night TV.

Daily Show: McCain Returns to Washington
Jon Stewart explains how John McCain is the only man who can impulsively overreact to something 10 days old

Daily Show: Clusterf#@k to the Poor House
Jon Stewart compares President Bush's warnings about the economic meltdown to his warnings about Iraq.

Sarah Silverman and The Great Schlep
Sarah Silverman wants Jews to gets their butts down to Florida for the Great Schlep.

Ferguson Slams McCain for Suspending Campaign Popular
Craig Ferguson compares McCain to Castro, Napoleon, and Caesar.

SNL: McCain's Negative Ads Popular
Saturday Night Live knocks John McCain for running misleading ads about Barack Obama.

Bill Maher: Free Levi
Bill Maher has started a movement to Free Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin's baby daddy, whom he calls "America's #1 political prisoner."

Daily Show: Gov at First Sight Popular
Jon Stewart picks apart the Sean Hannity-Sarah Palin infomercial.

Colbert Report: McCain Attacks Obama
John McCain has not accepted Stephen Colbert's invitation, so he has no choice but to spread horrible lies about him

Daily Show: Candidates' Generic-Off
The solutions to the financial crisis are probably unpopular and undoubtedly confusing, so it's time for a good old-fashioned generic-off.

Daily Show: Sarah Palin Won't Blink Popular
Jon Stewart says that Sarah Palin doesn't need to know what the Bush Doctrine is -- she is the Bush Doctrine.

Tina Fey Skewers Sarah Palin on SNL Popular
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler impersonate Sarah Palin and Hillary Clitnon during the opening sketch of Saturday Night Live's season premiere.

Sarah Palin: The Raw, Unedited Feed
Watch the raw, unedited cut of Sarah Palin's interview with ABC, in which she attempts to explain what the Bush Doctrine is.

Craig Ferguson: If You Don't Vote You're a Moron
In this hilarious rant, "Late Late Show" host Craig Ferguson sounds off on the 2008 election and asks why we are so lost as a nation.

Obama Talks Lipstick and Pigs with Letterman Popular

Barack Obama jokes about the latest non-issue of the 2008 campaign during an appearance with David Letterman.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the GOP Convention
Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of Triumph crashing the 2008 Republican Convention.

Daily Show: John McCain's Acceptance Speech

Surely, the change John McCain wants to bring to Washington is different than the change George W. Bush wanted to bring.

Daily Show: John McCain: Reformed Maverick
John McCain's bio film shows him through the wild years up to abandoning everything he's always stood for.

Daily Show: Sarah Palin Gender Card
We should not even be talking about Sarah Palin because it's sexist.

John McCain's Phone Call to Sarah Palin
Watch a video reenactment of John McCain's phone call to Sarah Palin offering her the VP job.

John McCain's Wandering Eyes
Watch video of John McCain checking out Sarah Palin during her VP announcement speech.

Daily Show: John McCain: The Person He Is
Senator Fred Thompson reaffirms the new Republican mantra that the leaders of today are the f**k ups of yesterday.

Daily Show: Barack Obama: He Completes Us
The earthly son of a goat herder and an anthropologist, one man seems ready enough-ish to lead.

Daily Show: Michelle Obama's Patriotism
Michelle Obama -- Barack Obama's beautiful, accomplished, angry, Communist wife -- has to prove she's a patriotic human.

Daily Show: Healing Clinton Supporters
John Oliver enlists the help of a child psychologist to heal the Hillary supporters who don't want Barack Obama to be our next president.

Colbert Report: Michelle Obama's Speech
Bill Kristol isn't the only commentator who saw through Michelle Obama's facade of warmth, competence and likability.

Joe Biden Calls Obama 'Barack America'
At his first campaign rally with Barack Obama, Joe Biden slips up and calls Obama "Barack America."

A parody of Charlie's Angels, featuring John McCain as Charlie, instructing a trio of beautiful women to stop gay marriage. Presented by Atom.com.

Daily Show: John Edwards Sex Scandal

John Edwards -- author of the famed claim that there are two Americas -- was apparently only faithful to his wife in one of them.

Baracky II
Baracky takes on Clubber McCain with the help of Apollo Clinton in Baracky II, a parody of Rocky II.

Poor Kobe Bryant's Olympic Dream
Slate V brings you the touching story of Kobe Bryant's Olympic-sized heartbreak: never having won a gold medal!

Daily Show: Olympic Controveries
The ad the Spanish basketball team posed for is truly offensive and isn't the kind of thing we would do in America.

You've Been Barack-Rolled Popular
The Internet phenomenon known as "Rickrolling" has now given rise to "Barackrolling."

Paris Hilton for President Popular

Paris Hilton strikes back at John McCain with her own campaign video in which she calls him wrinkly and old and announces her own presidential campaign.

Jimmy Kimmel: Obama Is Acting Too Presidential
Jimmy Kimmel compares video clips of Barack Obama to President Bush.

The Onion: 'No Values Voters' Search For Most Evil Candidate

Both candidates are stepping up their efforts to attract crucial 'no values voters' by abusing animals and murdering the elderly.

The Onion: Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Presidency Popular
President Bush will seek to comfort victims of his presidency as they try to make sense of the destruction he has caused. A spoof video from The Onion.

The Onion: How to Pretend You Care about the Election
The Onion offers tips on how you can seem informed about politics without picking up a single newspaper.

Bush Waves, But No One Waves Back
President Bush gets snubbed by onlookers after disembarking from Marine One.

Daily Show: Election Terror Attack = Republican Victory

Jon Stewart shows how Republicans are calculating their winnings strategy for November.

Daily Show: EPA Email
The Bush administration gets the EPA to rewrite their policy on greenhouse gases by not opening the e-mail.

McCain's C-Word Moment Popular
A satirical video poking fun at John McCain's profane tirade at his wife, in which he allegedly called her the C-word.

Swing 'Em Home
President Bush may have sworn off golf during wartime, but these patriots didn't. A spoof video from 23/6.

Daily Show: Baracknophobia
Jon Stewart mocks the media for peddling insane Obama rumors and coins a new word: "Baracknophobia" -- the irrational fear of hope.

Colbert Report: Tim Russert Tribute
Stephen Colbert pays homage to Tim Russert by showing his interview on "Meet the Press."

Conan: Tim Russert Tribute
Conan O'Brien remembers Tim Russert on Late Night.

John McCain's Beer Gaffe
John McCain pledges to veto "every single beer."

I'm Voting Republican Because I'm an Idiot Popular

A satirical look at why Republicans are proudly voting for their party.

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