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Evil Bert Meets Evil Osama
Has an Angry Muppet Joined the Jihad? 

Evil Bert and Osama
Dino Ignacio

The Sesame Street character Bert made his way into a recent pro-Osama bin Laden protest in Bangladesh. Anti-American protesters apparently lifted this parody image off the Internet and plastered it on a sign as part of a collage of bin Laden photos.

Are Islamic extremists trying to recruit Bert, the beloved muppet from Sesame Street, to their cause?

In news of the truly weird, Bert's mug recently appeared alongside Osama bin Laden in a sign carried by anti-American protesters in Bangladesh.

The sign featured a collage of various Osama bin Laden images, including this doctored picture of an angry-looking Bert gazing over his shoulder. 

The picture is clearly visible in photos distributed by both the Associated Press, Reuters, and the Dutch news agency ANP (look closely just to the right of the main image of bin Laden). Officials of both news agencies say the photographs are legitimate and were not manipulated in any way.

It's unclear what possessed these protesters to include the picture on the sign, but they apparently lifted the image off the Internet. The Bert/bin Laden picture has been around for some time and originated on the Web site Bert Is Evil, a parody site which offers photographic evidence of the muppet cavorting with the likes of Hitler, the KKK and Jerry Springer. (The site has since been taken down by its creator.)

Apparently, in the surreal, unpredictable world in which we find ourselves following Sept. 11, life now imitates freakish Web art. It remains to be seen whether Bert will end up on the FBI's most wanted list.

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