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Catholic Church Scandal Jokes
Late-Night Jokes About Pedophile Priests
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"The U.S. Cardinals said they are going to develop a code of ethics to help them deal with the sexual scandal. Wait a minute, I thought their already was a code of ethics, it's called the Bible." —Jay Leno

"I read this in the paper this morning: New York City has a priest shortage. So you see, there is some good news in the world. ... To give you an idea how bad it is, earlier today in Brooklyn an alter boy had to grope himself." —David Letterman

"As you've probably heard, the Pope has asked all the Cardinals to return to Rome. You know how they got them all to come back? They told them that there was going to be a performance by the Vienna Boys Choir." —Jay Leno

"The Cardinals will be staying at the Domus Sanctae Marthae, the new hotel at the Vatican, where turn down service means the bell boy isn't interested." —Daily Show host Jon Stewart

"They say (the Pledge of Allegiance) violates the separation of church and state. How about the separation of church and altar boy? That's what I'm worried about." —Jay Leno

"Cardinal Law had difficulty with his memory under oath today. He could only remember three commandments. Under oath, Cardinal Law said 'I do not recall' 43 times. I'm telling you, this guy is presidential material." —David Letterman

"The House Transportation Committee is now considering a bill that would allow pilots to carry guns for protection. I've got a better idea, why not give guns to altar boys, give them a fighting chance." —Jay Leno

"In Boston, it looks like Cardinal Bernard Law isn't going to be punished. It turns out he's getting transferred to Rome, which is kind of like a promotion. He said today he wanted to thank all the little people." —Jay Leno

"The Catholic Church is finally cracking down. Here's the deal now: if a priest is transferred to another parish, he cannot take his live-in boyfriend." —David Letterman

"The Catholic Church has just opened a new $2 million cathedral in Los Angeles. They really spared no expense. Each confessional has a panic button in it." —David Letterman

"The Church reaffirming celibacy — it's kind of like Clinton reaffirming monogamy." —Jay Leno

"The big Vatican summit wrapped up, closing ceremonies were Harry Connick Jr. The Vatican is taking a tough stand now, three strikes and you're transferred." —David Letterman

"This is the last Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Next year, boys will be involved too. I guess the church lobbied pretty hard on that one." —Jay Leno

"After all these scandals in the church, many Roman Catholics are calling for an end to celibacy. And end to celibacy, how about starting celibacy? Let's at least try it to see if it works." —Jay Leno

"Pope has called all the U.S. cardinals back to the Vatican. He's going to have Italy's top soccer coach talk to them. I believe the topic is how to do your job without using your hands." —Jay Leno

"Today the Catholic Church unveiled its new policy. Don't ask, don't confess." —Jay Leno

"Isn't it crazy with all these church scandals? I'm beginning to understand how all those Bibles ended up in hotel rooms." —Jay Leno

"This week hundreds of bishops arrived in Dallas for their annual convention. You know what that means? Party. Party. Party. A couple of bellboys are being carried over the threshold tonight." —Jay Leno

"There is a big conference of Catholic Bishops in Dallas. Well this is great for the city, it brings in about $12 million in hush money." —David Letterman

"The Supreme Court ruled today that virtual child pornography is legal. Finally, some good news for the church." —Jay Leno

"Bush said we're going after white-collar criminals and I'm thinking 'Gee I wish the Catholic church would do that.'" —David Letterman

"Kids, if you see an ad that says Cardinals looking for a bat boy, watch out, that has nothing to do with the baseball team." —Jay Leno

~Compiled by Daniel Kurtzman

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