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Submission Guidelines

Submissions to About.com Political Humor are always welcomed. If you have a joke, cartoon, funny picture, video, news tip, funny email forward, blog, Web site, or product you'd like to submit, you can email the item to politicalhumor@aboutguide.com or fill out this form.

You can also post the item in the Political Humor Forum or in the Comments section of any relevant post on the Political Humor Blog.

Please be sure to include a short description and a link to the source. Submissions may take several weeks to review. Due to the high volume of email I receive, I regret that I cannot respond to every submission. But I do read every piece of mail and visit each link.

If you are submitting something from your blog or Web site, a link back to About.com Political Humor is always appreciated: http://politicalhumor.about.com

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