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Political Humor Today
A Roundup of the Latest Political Insanity

Political Humor: Latest Jokes, Cartoons and Satire

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Compiled by Daniel Kurtzman

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Amy Poehler takes on the birth control debate on 'SNL'

Nancy Pelosi, Stephen Colbert Strike Deal On DISCLOSE Act

Saturday Night Live Spoofs Newt Gingrich's Moon Colony

Jimmy Fallon Challenges Michelle Obama to Potato Sack Race

Sack Races and Marshmallow Guns? Silly Season at the White House

The Muppets Fire Back at Fox News

Bill Maher: Top Ten Conservatives Movies

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Jon Stewart Takes On Romney's "Absurd" Tax Rate

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Borowitz: Falling in Polls, Romney Considers Adultery

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Lewis Black on Indoctrinating America's Children

TSA Inspector Leaves Creepy Note in Woman's Luggage After Finding Sex Toy

Jon Stewart Rips GOP For 'Pitting Americans Against Americans' With 'Take Our Country Back' Rhetoric

The 1% vs. the 99%: Funny Pictures

Jon Stewart Has a Little Advice for Occupy Wall Street

Best Occupy Wall Street Cartoons

Herman Cain Sings "Imagine There's No Pizza"

Colbert Nails Rush Limbaugh Over Obama Christian Killing Accusations

Borowitz Report: Palin Decides Not to Run: 'I Want to Go Straight to the Quitting Part'

Jon Stewart Criticizes Mitt Romney's Ever-Changing Positions

Bill Maher Wonders What Would Happen If Jesus Ran For The GOP Nomination

Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits

The Onion Sparks Controversy With Fake Story on Hostage Crisis in Congress

Bill O'Reilly Whines About Taxes and Jon Stewart Hammers Him With Facts

Saturday Night Live Mocks Every GOP Debate

Jon Stewart mocks Sarah Palin's latest excuses for not running

Bill Maher Mockingly Defends 'Job Creator' Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Against High Taxes

Funny Pic: God's Message to Rick Perry

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