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Anti-War Cartoons & Propaganda Parodies
Cartoons, Doctored Photos and Parodies
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View a collection of anti-war cartoons, remixed propaganda posters, and other parody art expressing political dissent.

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John Ashcroft Is Watching You
Homeland Security Is Listening
Total Information Awareness
He Knows What You Did Last Summer
Keep the Home Front Pledge
Information Security Begins With You
Be a Good American, Don't Think
Silencing Domestic Dissent
We'll Bomb Who We Want
What Beats Global Warming?
More Gas = More War
War For Soccer Moms
One Person Per SUV
Riding With Bin Laden
We SHELL Not EXXONerate Saddam
Bush's Smoking Gun
The Axis of Oil
Bush's Iraq War Coalition
War Profiteers
Make The Oil Connection
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I Want You To Kill For That Oil
Iraq Invasion Checklist
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Wimp My Ass
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Don't Worry, Citizen
Hands Off, Ashcroft
Ashcroft, You're Next!
Thanks, Corporate News!
The Official News Channel of the Homeland
Must Be Election Season
You'll Vote As You're Told
What Have You Done For Our Glorious Leader?
Wrap Yourself in the Flag
Who's Voting For Bush?
Weapon of Mass Dissent
See No Evil
You Are A Suspect
Back the Attack
Fork in the Road
Shock and Awe
Who Else Wants Some?
Hey, They're Bombing Us!
Eternal War
Reconquering the World
New Bushistan
Bush: Shut Up and Obey!
Keep Your Trap Shut
You're Aiding The Terrorists
George Orwell's 2004
Big Brother: Time's Man of the Year
Bush-Reagan 1984
Duct Tape Security Plan
Operation Liberty Shield
Seasons Greedings
Obey Your Corporate Republican Masters

Obey and Consume
Ashcroft's Revised Constitution
Chickenhawks or Chickenlittles?
Iraq Chickenhawk
Freedom Rules
Let Freedom Ring
Thank You, Mr. Bush
Liberating Iraq's Oil
Iraq and 9/11
The Fall of Baghdad
Bush's Fear Factor
TV Lies
Beating the War Drum
King George Calls the Shots
Make Love, Not War
Bush's Weapons of Mass Destruction
Hermann Goering War Quote
The Real 19 Hijackers
California Women Strip For Peace
California Peace Nudists
Naked Anti-War Protesters in Central Park
Parody of Naked Anti-War Protest
Nude Peace Protest in Australia
Nude Peace Protest in Florida
Nude Peace Protest in Illinois
Nude Peace Protest in South Africa
Nude Peace Protest in New Orleans
Bombing For Peace
No More Bush
That's My Bush
Nader Voters Protesting War: Priceless
Nader Voter
Frodo Failed, Bush Has the One Ring
Empty War Head Found in White House
The Emperor's New Clothes
A Village Is Missing Its Idiot
Duct-Taped Martin Sheen
Uniter, Not a Divider
Evildoers Will Not Be EXXONerated
Price of Iraqi Oil
Another Generation Betrayed
Dubya Dubya III
Bush Family Evil Empire Logo
Bush Family Evil Empire Logo 2
Give Me Your Tired, Poor Huddled Masses
Never Let Another Bush Into the White House
No War on Iran, Syria or North Korea
Drop Bush, Not Bombs
Stop World War W
No Blood For Oil
No Blood For Politics
We Reap What We Sow
Regime Change Begins At Home
The Poor Die, The Rich Profit
Make Jobs, Not War
An Eye For An Eye Leaves The World Blind
A Bush Family Tradition
Forget Enron, Let's Bomb Iraq
Illegitimate President, Bogus War
Peace Is Patriotic
Stop Bush's War
Dissent: As American As Apple Pie
Operation TIPS Web Security

Have more anti-war cartoons, posters, or propaganda parodies you'd like to submit? Post them here, or email them to politicalhumor@aboutguide.com.

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