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Funny George W. Bush Pictures
Funny Pictures and Political Cartoons
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Browse through a huge collection of political cartoons, doctored photos, parodies, and other funny pictures helping President Bush put his best face forward.
Begin the slide show, search Bush pictures by category, or view the Top 100 Bush Pictures.

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Bush Fishing in New Orleans

Bush Playing Guitar

Why Does Bush Act So Macho?

Dumb People

Victory Salute

What Happened to Santa?

Bush and Chimps

Bush and Pope
Bush as Jesus

Gulf War Attack of the Clones


W Girl

Bush's Monica Moment

Bush and Abdullah Holding Hands

Bush and Michael Moore

You Forgot Poland

Need Some Wood?

Is Bush Wired?

Enjoy the Draft!

Bush Girls Gone Wild

Bush Statue

Mini Bush

Bush As Alfred E. Neuman

Bush Undercover


Bush and Turkey

Bush and the Ring

Dude Where's My War?

Bush and Duct Tape

Idiot Bush

Funny Pictures - Idiot Bush 2

Bush Falls Off Segway Scooter

You Forgot Poland

Gollum Bush

Bush and Saddam

Dr. Strangelove

Up Yours Bush!

Moe Bush

Bush and Space Alien

Bush Playing Guitar
Who Says Bush Doesn't Care? Popular
Bush Fishing in New Orleans Popular
Bush Eats Cake
Operation Enduring Vacation

FEMA Called

Bush: Worst Disaster Popular
New Orleans Mission Accomplished
My Pet Goat Volume 2
New Republican Party Seal
Leadership, Bush Style
Bush and Nero
Michael Brown Gets Medal of Freedom
Michael Brown As Baghdad Bob
Do Nothing Bush
Imagine That
Barbara Bush and the Underprivileged
Looting vs. Finding
Tax Cuts For Katrina Victims
Trent Lott's Porch
Bush League Disaster Response Team
While New Orleans Drowned
George Antoinette
Condi Antoinette
Make Levees, Not War
Drowning Government in the Bathtub
Fooled Again
The Buck Stops...
Would Someone Please Blow Him?
Bush Massaging German Chancellor Popular
Bush's Exit Strategy

Bush's Queer Eye Makeover
Stephen Colbert Speaks Truthiness to Power
Myth of White Supremacy
McCain Hugging Bush Popular
Bush and McCain: Brokeback Lovers
National Disgrace
The Worst President in History
Cheney With Gun at State of Union
Bush the Egghead

Bush and Abramoff in Brokeback Mountain
Bush Lap Dancing For Abramoff
Bush and Abramoff in Oval Office
Bush Kisses Abramoff

Bush and Abramoff Kidnapping
Bush and Abramoff Gambling

Bush in Abramoff's Pocket
Bush and Abramoff: Mission Accomplished
Bush and Abramoff in Bulls**t Mountain
Bush and Cheney in Dumbf**k Mountain Popular
Bush and Cheney in Brokeback Mountain
Meet the F**kers
The Incredubyas
Addicted to Oil
Bush and Nixon
Bullshit Protector

Bush Asks Permission to Use Bathroom
Bush's First Day of School
Bush: Too Much Kofi
Bush: Get A Brain Morans!
What Does Bush Act So Macho? Popular
Bush's Monica Moment
Bush and Saddam in Briefs
Bush's Resignation
Bush and 1984
Bush Defends Harriet Miers
The Most Brilliant Man
Welcome to Bush's Birthplace

Bush Holding Phone Upside Down
Left Behind
George of the Bungle
Wanted: Banana Republicans
Bush Catapults Propaganda
What Happened to Santa? Popular
Pope George Bush
Pope of the Holy Bomb
Bush's To-Do List
Bush's Mideast Peace Plan
Intelligent Design
What's Playing on Bush's iPod
Gulf Wars Episode 2: Clone of the Attack

Darth W. Bush
Revenge of the Twit
Bush and Vader: Separated At Birth
Emperor Bush
Bush Joins the Dark Side of the Force
Bush and His Emperor
Darth Vader Unmasked

Bush Holds Hands With Saudi Prince Abdullah
What Happens in Crawford Stays in Crawford
Bush and Abdullah's Gay Union
Bush's Man Date
Bush Tries to Hold Cheney's Hand
Cheney Offspring Bursts From Bush's Chest
How Can 59 Million People Be So Dumb? Popular
The Election Call
Welcome to Jesusland Popular
Canada 2.0
Bush's One-Fingered Victory Salute Popular
Let the Healing Begin
Animated Picture of Bush Flipping the Bird
Can You Hear Me Now?
Bush's Coronation

Bush Again
Yeehaaw! Four More Years!
Four Moron Years

Four More Years
You Really Like Me!
George and Laura's Satanic Salute
Rock On Dubya
Jenna Bush's Satanic Salute
Satan Worship?
Imperial March
Social Security Monopoly Game
Bush's Social Security Gamble
Social Security Gambling Game

Fixing Social Security
Bush 2004 Christmas Card
Oval Office Christmas
Our Leader
Our Leader, the Chimp
Hail to Our Leader
Our Totalitarian Leader

Bush's Mandate
You Forgot Poland
Bush on Aircraft Carrier
Poland: You Are Not Forgotten
Forget About It
He Forgot Poland! Yes!
Bush's Debate Notes
More Debate Notes
Bush Fails the Global Test
Bush's Debate Faces
Bush Hears Rumors on the Internets
Inventing the Internets
Mixed Messages
Reality Check
Which Bush Is Right For You?
Is Bush Wired? Popular
Bush's Bulge
Enhanced Picture of Bush's Bulge

Need Some Wood?
Got Wood?
Bush and Woodpecker
It's Hard Work
Bush's Rose-Colored Glasses
Bush's Vision
Furious George
Furious George 2

The Passion of the Bush
Bush Boxes Kerry
Baghdad Bob Spins For Bush
Sticking to His Guns
Debate Focus Group
Bush's Blank Blink
Bush and Kerry Embrace
Bush's Steady Leadership
Ask the War President
Presidenting Is Hard Work
Bush's Fox News Sheep Following
It's the Great Pumpkin, George W.
Dude, Where's Your Job?
Enjoy the Draft!
Bush Twins Gone Wild Popular
Toppling of Bush's Statue
We Weren't Soldiers
Iran or Bust
You'll Look Great in Army Uniform
Bush Ad Featuring Fake Troops
Where's the Link?
God vs. Bush
The Turbanator
George W. Bush Undercover

Team America
The Mandess of King George
Seven Deadly Sins
Bush: Off to See the Wizard

Bush-Man 2
The Born Againity

President Evil: Iraqalypse
Spin City

The War Passion of G.W. Bush
Bush Almighty
Lord of the Coalition
Bush Has the One Ring - Frodo Failed
We Must Have the Precious

Gollum Bush
Return of the King
Bush Is 007
Master and Commander
Liars, Actually

Lost in Translation
George W. Bush, Comedian
Eternal Warfare of the Clueless Administration
George W. Bush and the Prisoner of Abu Ghraib
American Psycho

George W Girl Popular
Bush and Michael Moore Holding Hands
Bush and Michael Moore at the Movies
Bush Reads 'The Pet Goat'
Hello! Wake Up!
Pet Goats For Bush
War President? My Pet Goat
Bush vs. Jesus

Diebold: Because Charm Can Only Take You So Far
Bush and the Yawning Boy

Bush and Animated Yawning Boy
Bush Wipes Glasses on Woman's Shirt
Bush Picking His Nose
Bush As A Cheerleader Popular
Bush's Rugby Sucker Punch Popular
Bush Holding a Baby
Bush Scaring Screaming Baby
Sheik Bush
American Idle
Bush Clown

Bush Toilet Paper
Bush Calls Batman
Our Imports Come From Overseas
Ignorance Is Strength
Bush Desecrates A Flag Popular
Bush Pledges Allegiance
Bush Calls For His Own Impeachment
Bush's Game of Scrabble
Texas Hold'em
Iraq Grand Theft Nation
Liberty and Justice For All?
How Can You Sleep At Night?
Uh, Tax Cut?
Chicken Little Bush
The Energizer Bunny President
Bush Bobblehead
G.W. & Crew Flip-Flops
Bush In The Simple Life
Fat Bush-Cheney Kid Dancing
Janet Jackson Exposes the Ultimate Boob
Girly Men Bush and Cheney
Bush and Condi in Bed
Bush and Condoleezza as Lovers
Bush and Condi: A Love Story
Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries Aides
Bush Gives the Middle Finger

Bush in Police Lineup
New Marine One Unveiled
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Whore President
Bush Resigns Popular
Guide to Terror Alerts
Bush's Bungle
Bush's Iraq Plan
Freedom Fried
Bush Is Lord
Bush's Halo
Bush's Last Supper
White House's New Look
God Wants Me To Be President
Bush Wrestles With an Umbrella
Bush as William Hung on American Idol
George W Girl Pictures 2
Don't Change Horsemen Mid-Apocalypse
The No Carb Diet

Liberate Mars: Vote Bush 2004
Gollum Endorses Bush
Bonesmen Bush and Kerry
Youth in Asia for Bush
Bush 2044
Bush Family Photos

George W Girl Pictures 3
Bush Fondles French Flag
Bush in the Texas Air National Guard
Evidence Bush Served in the National Guard
Wingman Bush Missing From National Guard

Air National Guard Flight Simulator
Bush as a Conscientious Objector
Scandalous Photo From Bush's Past
Bush Clothing Label
Leadership, Bush-Style
Swift Boat Liars For Bush
Bush vs. War Heroes
Bush-Kerry Military Comparison Chart
Bush Announces Osama's Capture
Bush Hides Osama bin Laden
Bush Releases Osama bin Laden
Bush Finds Osama bin Laden
Bush Serves Saddam's Head
Meet the President
Saddam Owned
Bush Finds Saddam in Gopher Hole

Baghdad Bush
New Iraqi Dinar
Pandora's Box
Smarmy Bush
I'm a War President

Official Sponsors of Air Force One
Bush's Nascar Visit

George W Girl Pictures 4
Operation American Liberation
Bush's BBQ

The Lyin' King
Wrong Turn at Credibility Gap

We Found the WMDs
Bush's Game of Risk
Bush and Rummy Play Risk
Bush's Medals
Bush Light Year: To Infinity and Beyond
Bush's Space Odyssey
Halliburton on the Moon
Mission to the Sun
Lost in Space
Babes Against Bush
Lick Bush in '04
Expose Bush
Give Bush The Finger
Babes For Bush
George W Girl Pictures 5

Men in Black II
Apocalypse Now
Matrix Parody
Liar Liar

The World Is Not Enough
Bush Warriors

Bush As Jesus
Bush's Right Hand Man
Bush Drops Dog
Not Safe For Humans
George W Girl Pictures 6
Bush's Iraq Policy Explained

Dude, Where's My War? Popular
The Baghdad Brothers
Iraqi Road
Top Gun
Bush the Fighter Pilot
Bush Landing on USS Lincoln
Bush on Aircraft Carrier
Bad-Ass Bush
Bush's Codpiece
Bush Stuffs A Sock In His Flight Suit
Top Goon
Bush Military Action Figure
Bush Action Figure on USS Lincoln

Bush Action Figure Attacks!
Bush and Buzz Lightyear: Separated at Birth?
Bush Fighter Pilot Action Figure Parody
Enola Bush

How's My Diplomacy?
Will Grandstand For Honor
Miserable Failure
Manipulation Accomplished

Mission Accomplished
Sham Photo Ops
Dukakis vs. Bush

New Look for the South Lawn
Mount Bushmore
Mount Bushwar
Bush Says Bring 'Em On

Bring This On
Bush vs. Clark: Silver Star vs. Silver Spoon
Texas Chickenhawks

Bush Reenacts Carrier Landing
Mission Not Accomplished
Bush's Crock of Bull
The Sum of All Fears

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