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Bush Twins Pictures
Funny Barbara and Jenna Bush Photos
View a collection of cartoons, doctored photos, and funny pictures poking fun at the Bush twins, Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush.

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Bush Girls Gone Wild
Bush Twins Unemployment Index
Here Comes George W.'s Wild Daughter
Jenna Bush Devil Worshipper
Two Shiners
Wild Thing Jenna Bush
Jenna Bush Yawning
John McCain Groping Bush Twins
Enjoy the Draft
Bush Twins in Iraq
Bush Girls with Elmo
Jenna and Tonic
Party Girl Jenna Bush
Jenna Bush Sticking Out Tongue
Jenna Bush Arrested

Jenna Bush, Demon Child
Jenna Bush and Einstein
What Will Jenna Drink?
Jenna Bush Boozes It Up
Is Our Children Learning?
Jenna Bush Priceless Parody
Jenna Bush Dancing With Father at Wedding
Jenna Bush Dancing With Bill Clinton
Barbara Bush's Fake ID

Have more Bush twins pictures, cartoons, or doctored photos poking fun at Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush? Post them here, or e-mail them to politicalhumor@aboutguide.com

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