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Democrat Cartoons
Democrat Political Cartoons and Funny Pictures
View a collection of political cartoons, doctored photos, parodies, and other funny pictures poking fun at Democrats.

Barack Obama
Joe Biden
John Kerry
John Edwards
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Al Gore
Howard Dean
Ted Kennedy
2008 Candidates
Other Democrats
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John Kerry

Kerry's Consolation Prize
Kerry, the Common Man
Kerry on Wheaties Box
Bush Pardons John Kerry
The Two Faces of John Kerry
Kerry in the Debate Hot Seat

Kerry's Debate Podium Popular
Kerry's Debate Knockout
John Kerry: Forgot Poland
Kerry and Bush Embrace
Kerry Debates in French
Kerry on Orange Alert Popular
Kerry Turns Into a Pumpkin
Kerry Reports For Duty
Kerry's Global Test Defense Plan
Kerry: Mary Cheney Is A Lesbian
John Kerry's NASA Bunny Suit Popular
Kerry and Dukakis: Photo Ops Gone Bad
John Kerry in a Tank
Kerry and Teletubbies
John Kerry's Sperm Suit
John Kerry as Herman Munster
John Kerry Botox Treatment
John Kerry Botox Ad
John Kerry Priceless Ad
John Kerry's Waffle House Popular
John Kerry Action Figure
Kerry and Edwards: Dumb and Dumber
John Kerry and Mini Me
Scarecrow Kerry in Oz
Kerry and Edwards: Personal Injury Lawyers
Kerry and Edwards: Attorneys at Law
Kerry and Edwards in Love Popular

Kerry and Edwards in Titanic
Kerry and Edwards: The Ambiguously Gay Duo Popular
John Kerry and Boy Wonder
Kerry Carries Edwards
Kerry Hunts Down Bush
John Kerry's Flip-Flops
No Flip-Flops in White House
The Millionaire and His Wife

Kerry's Ketchup
Kerry's 57 Positions
Kerry: Building a Bridge to the '70s
Kerry: Rebel Without a Message

Kerry Is Not Bush
Kerry Campaign Buttons

Kerry vs. Bush: Hero vs. Zero
Kerry/Kennedy 2004: Botox and Detox
Girlie Man John Kerry
John Kerry Wears a Dress
Teresa Heinz Kerry and Tootsie

Kerry Impersonates Nixon
John Kerry and Foreign Leaders
John Kerry Foreign Leader Club Band
Kerry Kicks Bush
Frenchman John Kerry
John Kerry Snowboarding
Kerry in Presidential Survivor
Kerry Remodels White House
Kerry Family Values
Kerry as Thurston Howell
John Kerry Golddigger
Kerry and Edwards: Demwits
Catch Me If You Can
John Kerry: Lord of the Dems
John Kerry Male Gigolo
In Kerry We Trust?
The Passion of the Kerry

Kerry and Hardy
Kerry and Munster: Separated at Birth?
Kerry and Lurch: Separated at Birth?
Kerry and Gomer Pyle: Separated at Birth?
John Kerry's Infidelity
Kerry's Peculiar Fetish
Kerry Joker Card
Scary Kerry
Kerry: The Dukakis Factor
Kerry & Kennedy as Laurel & Hardy

Another Herman Munster Parody
Kerry's Empty Promises
The John Kerry Experience
John Kerry Plays Guitar
John Kerry Rock Star

John Kerry's Duet
John Kerry's Field of Dreams
John Kerry Queer Eye Makeover
Kerry's Presidential Package
Kerry-Munster Morph

Kerry and Dean's Gay Wedding
Dated Dean, Married Kerry

John Edwards

John Edwards: Breck Girl
John Edwards Will Sue You
John Edwards Debates Montgomery Burns Popular

Edwards Debates Darth Vader Popular
John Edwards Meets Dick Cheney Popular
Edwards and Cheney Dance Popular
John Edwards Crosses Over
Edwards Caught Naked in Hot Tub
Hair by John Edwards

Howard Dean

Howard Dean's Scream Popular
Howard Dean Exposes Janet Jackson's Breast Popular
Howard Dean and Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train Popular
Dean Screams at a Kitten Popular
Dean Goes Nuts
Howard Dean Is Mad

Howard Dean on American Idol
Howard Dean Screaming Doll
Howard Dean Flips Out
Howard Dean Slasher Flick
Dean's Rebel Yell
Dean's Hand Puppet
Dean: I Hate You

Return of the Scream
Scarecrow Dean and Tinman Kerry
Howard Dean's Truck With Confederate Flag

Howard Dean: Rebel
Howard Dean: Confederate Soldier

Howard Dean: Buzz Lightweight
Howard Dean: Adaptation

Lord of the Roots
Soylent Dean
Napoleon Dean
Howie Get Your Gun

Howard Dean Eats Kitten Fetuses
Howard Dean's Stooge
Dean Exposes Kerry's Botoxed Chest

Howard's End
Queer Eye for the President Guy

Bill Clinton

Welcome to Arkansas Popular
New Arkansas Quarter Popular
Starr Wars Popular
Clinton Memorial Popular
Bill & Hillary at Show and Tell Popular
Fondling Lady Liberty
Down Buddy!
Intern Barbie Popular
Monica: Cigar Aficionado Popular
Clinton Book: My Life With Monica
Clinton Book: My Life With Hillary
Bill Clinton's Portrait Popular
Clinton Portrait With Monica Popular
Clinton '96
Getting Away With It All
I'm With Stupid Popular
Absolut Lewinsky
Clinton's Cuban Crisis
I Want Her
Clinton's "Final Days" Video Popular
Clinton Pez Dispenser
I Feel Your Pain
Clinton Arrested
Monica: The Early Years
Clinton: The Early Years
Hillary's Revenge
Invitation to the White House Popular
Another Clinton Memorial
Monica Withholds Evidence
Monica's Stain Remover
Mona Lewinsky
Monica: Cigar Aficionado 2
Clinton's DNA
Clinton Family Bible
Presidential Seal
Sex Dollar Bill
Clinton Stamp
Get Out of Jail Free
Sex Education
Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
Clinton Gets a Hummer
Sock Puppet
Camp David Summit
Bill, Hillary & Chelsea on a Stroll Popular
Lord of the Flings
Starr Wars 2
Baby Bill
Clinton Nose
Monica's T-Shirt
Theory of Devolution
Clinton Playing the Ho-Monica
72 Virgins
Clinton and Elian Gonzalez
Cry Baby Newt
Monica's View
Rainforest Man
The Lyin' King
Clinton Austin Powers Parody
Oral Pleasure
Morphing Bill Clinton
Clinton's Pants Dropping
Disco Bill
Dancing Clinton
President For Life
American Pathetic
Welcome to Chappaqua
Clinton's White House Exit
Clinton and Jenna Bush
The Clintons and the Bushes
The Last Laugh

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Book: Lying History Popular
Would You Trust This Woman With Your Country?
Darth Hillary
Kill Bill
Hillary Shaking Hands With Soldier Crossing Fingers Popular
How to Properly Market Hillary's Book
Dollar Sale
Invitation to the White House
Hillary Clinton Up Close
Rudy Giuliani Throws Hillary From the Train
Tom Ridge Applies Duct Tape
Hillary the Intern
Hillary Caught in an Embarrassing Moment
Motel 1600
Hillary Clinton Parade Float
Hillary as Napoleon
Darth Hillary 2
Hillary's KFC Special
The Clintons' New House

Al Gore

Cheaties Popular
Rainforest Man
Cast Away
The Gorinch Who Stole Florida
Gore Mastercard Parody Ad
Gore and Lieberman in Mayberry
Forrest Gore
Gorebot 2004
Gore Stars in Titanic
Gore Viagra Ad
Mr. Albert's Neighborhood
Cast Away 2
Al Gore's New Job
Mini Gore
Dumb and Dumber
Inventor of the Internet
The Blues Brothers
Master Debater
Al Gore on Saturday Night Live

Ted Kennedy

Where the Highway Ends New
Mystery at Chappaquiddick New
Ted Kennedy Meets Dr. Seuss
Fat In The Hat New
Everyone Drinks
Ted Kennedy's Mad Libs
Ted Kennedy Scorecard
Ted Kennedy's Car
Ted Kennedy Roadside Warning New
Kennedy: Absolut Intoxication

2004 Democratic Candidates

Democratic Jackasses
Democratic Rat Race
The Usual Suspects
Democratic Crank Yankers
The Three Democratic Stooges
John Edwards Crossing Over

Madonna and Child Wesley Clark
Madonna Fawns Over Wesley Clark
Madonna and Britney Spears Kiss Wesley Clark
Wesley Clark Seeks New Fundraising Opportunities
Wesley Clark: Silver Star vs. Silver Spoon
Lieberman Campaign Poster
Al Sharpton Campaign Poster
Al Sharpton's Cabinet
Al Sharpton in Barbershop II
Dennis Kucinich Exposes Breast
Searching For Mrs. Kucinich

Proof That Dennis Kucinich Is From Mars
American Election

Old School Democrats
50 Worst Dates

Other Democrats

Democratic Party Crybaby Seal Popular
Democratic Party Dodo Seal
Total Headcase Advisory System Popular
If Pearl Harbor Happened Today New
New Orleans Chocolate City Candy Bar New
Nagin and the Chocolate Factory New
New Orleans Is Like a Box of Chocolates
Jackasses of the DNC
Night of the Living Dead
Clinton's Dirty Half-Dozen
Janet Reno Fear Factor
Janet Reno's Greatest Hits
Janet Reno: Man of the Year
Janet Reno's Dance Party
Spineless Dems
Limousine Liberal Magazine

Daschle Aboard the U.S.S. Pansycrat
Tom Daschle-Bill Frist Fight

Daschle: The End Is Near
Daschle: Absolut Moron
Tom Daschle in a Tutu
Tom Daschle's Board Games
Rush Limbaugh Dangles Baby Daschle

Trash-Talking James Carville
James Carville's Dirty Little Secret
James Traficant's Bad Hair Day
Jesse Jackson Priceless Parody
Jesse Jackson Condom Ad
Jesse Jackson, Hypocrite
Jesse Jackson at Church
Who's Your Daddy?
Jesse "Shaft" Jackson
Condit, Kennedy, Clinton: The All-Philandering Ticket
Girls' Night Out

Meet Al Sharpton
The DNC's New Money Men
Gray Davis's Daily Take
Clueless Democrats

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