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Funny Hillary Clinton Pictures
Political Cartoons, Doctored Photos & Funny Pictures
View a collection of political cartoons, doctored photos, and funny pictures poking fun at Hillary Clinton. See also: Hillary Clinton Editorial Cartoons

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Billary Clinton
Obama and Kennedy
Driving Miss Hillary Crazy
Obama Defeats Clinton
Hillary Nutcracker
Darth Hillary
Hillary Bewitched
Queen Hillary
Hillary, the Right Man
Pirates of the Whitewater
The Hillary Code

Driving Miss Hillary
Hillary and First Lady Bill Clinton
Hillary's Book: Lying History

Hillary Clinton on the Plantation
Would You Trust This Woman With Your Country?
Kill Bill
The Power of Makeup
Hillary Shaking Hands With Soldier Crossing Fingers
How to Properly Market Hillary's Book
Dollar Sale
Invitation to the White House
Hillary Clinton Up Close
Rudy Giuliani Throws Hillary From the Train
Tom Ridge Applies Duct Tape
Hillary the Intern
Hillary Caught in an Embarrassing Moment
Motel 1600
Hillary Clinton Parade Float
Hillary as Napoleon
Darth Hillary 2
Hillary's KFC Special
Young Bill and Hillary Clinton
The Clintons' New House

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