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Republican Cartoons
Republican Political Cartoons and Funny Pictures
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View a collection of political cartoons, doctored photos, parodies, and other funny pictures poking fun at Republicans.

Sarah Palin
George Bush
Bush Twins
Dick Cheney
John McCain
Donald Rumsfeld

Media Blowhards
Condi Rice
Tom DeLay
John Ashcroft
Other Republicans

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George W. Bush

For a complete collection of George Bush cartoons, doctored photos and funny pictures, click here.

Bush Twins

Bush Twins in Post-Pillow Fight Lingerie Popular
Here Comes George W.'s Wild Daughter
Jenna Bush Devil Worship Photo
Enjoy the Draft!
Jenna and Tonic
What Will Jenna Drink?
Jenna Bush Sticks Out Her Tongue

Jenna Bush Arrested
Jenna Bush, Demon Child
Jenna Bush and Einstein
Jenna Bush Boozes It Up
Is Our Children Learning?
Jenna Bush Priceless Parody
Jenna Bush Dances With Dubya
Jenna Bush Dances With President Clinton
Barbara Bush's Fake ID
Noelle Bush Priceless Parody
George and Jeb: Dumb and Dumber
Laura Bush, Stepford Wife

Republican Stepford Wives
Laura Bush on Sesame Street
Barbara Bush's Beautiful Mind
George Bush Sr. Plays Ball
Presidential Pez Dispenser
Bush Family Rap Sheet
Drug Users, Boozers and Losers

Dick Cheney

10 Ways Dick Cheney Can Kill You Popular
Cheney's Got A Gun Popular
Cheney and Shooting Victim

Elmer Fudd Cheney
Days Without Hunting Accident
Dick Cheney, The Notorious VP
Cheney Hunting Bush

Cheney's Port Security
Cheney Hunting Reality Show

Guns Don't Shoot People
Old Gutshot
Quail vs. Lawyer
Deadeye Dick With Harry Whittington

Cheney Terror Alert
Cheney & Kennedy: Double Threat
Hunting Is Hell
Cheney Hunts Clinton
Arrogant Bastard Ale
Deadeye Dick's Birdhunter Game

Dick Cheney Brandishing Gun
I Went Hunting With Dick Cheney T-Shirt

Cheney's Hunting Trophies

Cheney With Knife
Cheney and Bush in Brokeback Mountain Popular
Dick Cheney Emotional Chart
Dick Cheney as Dr. Evil
Dick Cheney As Satan
Cheney Operation Game

Cheney In Concert
Dick Cheney as Baghdad Bob
Who's Your Bagdaddy?
Cheney Greeted With Flowers
Cheney and Saddam-Al Qaeda Link
Cheney and Chalabi Hot Tubbing
Queer Eye for the Crooked Guy

Darth Vader Cheney
Darth Vader Unmasked
Darth Cheney
Darth Cheney and John Edwards
Cheney Debates Edwards
Cheney and Edwards Meet in 2001
Cheney and Edwards Dance
Cheney: Remember 9/11
Cheney's Secure Undisclosed Location
Cheney's Wardrobe Malfunction

Puppet Master Cheney
Dick Ventura: Oil Baron

Halliburton Who?
Cheney Denies Having Financial Relations
Cheney's Undisclosed Location Revealed
Cheney Playing Card
Cheney Get Out of Jail Free Card
Cheney: CEO of War Inc.
Cheney Goes Off His Meds

Heeeeere's Dick
Cheney's Power Grab
Crude Dick: Cheney Mosaic
Lynne Cheney: Censored

Condoleezza Rice

Condi Rice and George W. Bush, A Love Story Popular
Uncle Dubya's Condoleeza Rice
Condoleezza Rice in New James Bond Film

Condi Get Your Gun
Condi and Bush in Bed
Condoleezza's Secret
Condi's Queer Eye Makeover
Condi and Bush in Titanic
Condi in Thriller
Condi the Barbarian
The Doctor Is In
Rice and Cheney Smear Richard Clarke

Donald Rumsfeld

Sgt. Rummy
Rumsfeld Is A Cyborg

Rumsfeld's Big Gun
Rumsfeld With Angel & Devil
Rumsfeld's Clone Army
Rumsfeld Playing Card

Rumsfeld's Plan 9 From Outer Space
Rummy Cakewalk
Rumsfeld's Red Rum
Rumsfeld's Puppets
Rumsfeld of the Lost Ark

War Is Peace
Uncle Rummy
Abu Rummy: Rumsfeld Mosaic

Donald Rumsfled Shakes Hands With Saddam

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Scharzenegger California Seal
Schwarzenegger Terminates Gray Davis

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Governator Popular
Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Term-Eliminator
Arnold Says: Vote For Me, If You Want to Live
Arnold Announces Candidacy on Tonight Show
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall 2
The Governator Goes to Sacramento
The Terminator Targets Gray Davis

Conan the Governor
Gray Davis Terminated
Gray Out

Eat Love Bullets, Hippies
Gubernatorial Damage
Arnold the Barbarian
End of Grays
Kindergarten GOP
Kennedy's Baby

Arnold's Republican Credentials
An Ethnic Austrian Seizes Power
Conan the Republican

Arnold Schwarzenegger Stamp
Arnold Getting Groped By Women

Arnold Smokes A Joint
Arnold Comes Out of the Closet
Arnold the Groper
Arnold Gropes A Female Talk Show Host

Arnold's Piggyback Ride
No Gropers For Governor

Arnold Gets Egged
Arnold E. Neuman: What, Me Debate?
Bedtime for Rino
Arnold's Platform
Total Rino
Arnold's Shadow Campaign
What's Best in Life?
Space Alien Backs Arnold For Governor

Arnold's Press Secretary: Baghdad Bob
Arnold the Republican
Achtung Kalifornia!
California Uber Alles
Vote For Me If You Want to Live
Arnold: Shut the F*ck Up
Splingergarten GOP
Sexual Predator
Arnold Doesn't Recall
The Gropenator Wins California

Honk For Arnold
Arnold Reaches Out to Gray Davis
Arnold's Bottom Line
Arnold $20 Bill
Arnold on Mt. Rushmore
Gone With the Arnie
The 4th Stooge
King Arnold
Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Arnold!
Schwarzenegger: Then and Now

Tom DeLay

Tom DeLay Get Out of Jail Free Card
Tom Delay Mug Shot
Doctored Tom DeLay Mug Shot - The Hammer
Doctored Tom DeLay Mug Shot - Cockroach
Tom DeLay's Prison Lover
DeLay-Nick Nolte Mug Shot
DeLay-James Brown Mug Shot
Tom DeLay Mug Shot Profile
Tom DeLay Behind Bars
Silence of the Hammer
Harris County Redemption

Tom DeLay: O Hammer Where Art Thou?
The Passion of the DeLay
Exterminate Tom DeLay

John Ashcroft

John Ashcroft and Girls Gone Wild
Ashcroft Nation
John Ashcroft Porn Mosaic
Ashcroft and Naked Statue
Ashcroft Declares Mission Accomplished
Ashcroft and Jesus
Ashcroft Bong
Ashcroft in Oz
Freedom Is Slavery

John Ashcroft Coin
John Ashcroft Is Watching You

Other Republicans

New Republican Party Seal
Republican Party Handcuffs Seal
What Does Bush Act So Macho?
Karl Rove Arrested Popular
Karl Rove Get Out of Jail Free Card
Bill Frist Get Out of Jail Free Card
Republican Women vs. Democratic Women
Microsoft Powell Point
The Bush Regime's Most Unwanted
GOP Teletubbies
The Two Faces of Trent Lott
Trent Lott Is Dreaming of a White Christmas

Trent Lott: GOP Lawn Jockey
Trent Lott Talking Doll Parody
Lott & Thurmond in Gone With the Wind
Republicans Segregate Trent Lott
Trent Lott Goes Skydiving
Trent Lott Reaches Out to African Americans
Republicans Sew Lott's Mouth Shut
Trent Lott Turns Into Gomer Pyle
Thurmond-Lott '48

James Jeffords New Office
John McCain: Heeeeere's Johnny
Duct-Taped Tom Ridge

How to Apply Duct Tape
Rainbow Ridge
Tom Ridge's Oath

Republican Chickenhawks For Sale
Boys Gone Wild
Right-Wing Girls Gone Wild

Foreign Policy For Jackasses
Iraq Mickey Mouse Club
The Shady Bunch
GOP Cellblock

Ari Fleischer Stars in Liar Liar
Ari Fleischer: Iraq's New Information Minister
Ari Fleischer: Spins Away!
Ari Fleischer: What Women Want

Ari Fleischer Marries Helen Thomas
Bill Bennett: Gambling For Virtues

Bill Bennett Playing Card
Bill Bennett's Casino Tips
Republican Penis Size
Republican Morons
Katherine Harris Stars As Cruella DeVil
Ken Starr Playing Card
Crybaby Newt Gingrich
Dan Quayle '04 Poster

Dan Quayle Bust
Ronald Reagan's Strikes a Funny Pose
Ronald Reagan in Bedtime for Bonzo
Reagan Stars in Bedtime for Bushie
Ronald Reagan on Mt. Rushmore

Nixon and Elvis

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