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Osama Bin Laden Porn Sites

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Top Osama Bin Laden Porn Sites

Maybe you heard the news. The FBI is investigating reports that Osama Bin Laden may actually be using porn sites on the Internet to send coded messages to members of the Al Qaeda network here in the U.S.  This of course brings several questions to mind.  First of all, isn't it supposed to be a really big sin if these guys look at porn?  And second, which sites does Osama use to get his messages out?  We're not sure about that first one but we have researched and uncovered the top 5 porn sites visited by Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda members:

#5.  Bare Burka.com
#4.  Al Show You My Qaeda.com
#3.  Hide In My Cave.com
#2.  Shake Your Tali-bon bon.com
#1.  Ji-STRING-had

Source: Sander Walker, WSSS Morning Show, Charlotte, North Carolina

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