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Political Story Jokes

Browse through a regularly updated joke gallery featuring political story jokes, including funny Bush jokes, Clinton jokes, Saddam jokes, bin Laden jokes, and late-night political jokes.
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"The Truth (With Jokes"
By Al Franken
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"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction"
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"Bushisms: The First Term in His Own Special Words"
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"Dude, Where's My Country?"
By Michael Moore
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General Politics

What Is Politics? Popular
Cows and Politics Explained Popular
Rules of Washington
Christmas Time in Washington
A Guide to U.S. Newspapers Popular
Newspaper Headlines in 2035
State Mottos
Things Found Only in America
Two Tough Questions

Would You Hire This Company?
STD Warning
Survivor, Texas-Style
Republicans vs. Democrats
A Liberal and a Genie
Republicans in Hell
Proud to Be a Democrat
Thinkers Anonymous
Democratic National Convention Schedule
Republican National Convention Schedule

Republican National Convention Schedule 2
You Might Be a Republican If... 
Things Republicans Believe Popular

You Might Be a Democrat If...
Democrat Jokes and One-Liners
Full of Hot Air

How Much Is a Billion?

Bush Jokes

A Suggestion
Make the Pie Higher
George W. Bush's Resume Popular
How the Bushies Change a Light Bulb Popular
Bush Light Bulb Joke, Take 2 Popular
Roe vs. Wade Popular
Bush and the Bible
Brazilian Soldiers Popular
Bush and Groundhog Day
The Bush Stamp
George Bush and Sex
Battle Hymn of the Republicans
The Coded Message
Bumper Stickers for the Bush 2004 Campaign
25 Things to Do Before the Inauguration

The Bushes and Clintons on a Train
Iraq vs. Vietnam
A Medical Warning
Election Tie-Breaker
Bush's Intelligence Quiz Popular
Bush at the Pearly Gates
Bush Plays God
Bush and Powell Plan World War III
George W. Bush Anagrams
Bush's Urgent & Confidential Business Proposal Popular
Bush's Propaganda Tour
Wardrobe Malfunctions

Bush vs. Dan Rather
Show and Tell
Bush's Psalm
Taking Up a Collection for Bush
Plastic Surgery Miracles

Who's On First?
Bush Solves A Puzzle
Puzzled President
Bush and the Pope
Bush and Moses
Bush and the Jews
Texans in Hell
Tips From Ghosts of Presidents Past
Walking Eagle
A Moral Dilemma
Cheney and the Bushes on a Plane
First Draft of Bush's Inaugural Address Popular
Bush's White House Tour
Bush Goes For a Jog
Bush's Brain Scan
Bush the Post Turtle
Medical Miracles
God and the Village Idiot
The Texas Hillbilly
Bush Country
Eyes Wide Shut
Artificial Intelligence
Bush and Saddam
The Bet
Clocks in Heaven
Bush's Tragedy
The President Sucks
Bush and Matzo Balls

Fire Destroys Bush Presidential Library
Bush's First 100 Days In Office

Bush v. Gore
Bush's Famous Last Words
Barbara Bush's Most Embarrassing Moment

Clinton Jokes

Hillary's Deal With the Devil
Hottest Selling Political Bumper Sticker Popular
President Hillary Gets Some Advice
Hillary Clinton vs. God Popular
Problems With Hillary's Commemorative Stamp
The Great Wizard of Oz Popular
Clinton on the Titanic
Bill, Hillary and the Lockbox
Bush and Bill Clinton on a Train
Hillary Visits School Children Popular
Clinton Goes to Hell
Lewinsky Limericks Popular
Bill Clinton and the Genie
Clinton's Parrot
Clinton's Pigs
Clinton and the Pope
Clinton Throws The First Pitch
Throwing The Clintons Out
A Letter to John Hinkley
Clinton's Favorite Things
Clinton Jokes and One-Liners
Clinton's Poll Numbers

Osama bin Laden/War on Terror Jokes

Taliban TV Guide Popular
Where Osama Has Been Hiding
Osama's Inter-Cave Memo
Bin Laden & Taliban One-Liner Jokes
Top Anagrams for Osama bin Laden
What to do with bin Laden
George W. Bush vs. the Taliban
Bin Laden's Great Wall
Bin Laden's Afterlife Surprise
American Women Stand Up, Be Seen!
Frightening CIA Warning
Ways Osama bin Laden Can Improve His Image
Women: The Best Troops Around
Bush's Memo to Al Gore
Nostradamus Prediction
Bin Laden and the Genie
Times are Tough All Over
An American Holiday
Department of Homeland Security Alert
Top Taliban Porn Sites
Handy Phrases For Traveling in the Middle East

Iraq / Saddam Jokes

Iraq Jokes
Iraqi TV Guide

Saddam's Body Doubles Popular
Target Practice With Saddam
Funny Quotes From the Iraqi Information Minister Popular
Enlarge Your Coalition! Guaranteed! Popular
If You're Happy And You Know It Bomb Iraq
Guantanamo Adoption Program
Anti-War Slogans

French Jokes

French Jokes Popular
More French Jokes - Funny Quotations Popular
Still More French Jokes Popular
French Military History in a Nutshell

Election Jokes

California's Letter of Secession
F**k the South Popular
Dear Red States Popular
Dear Blue States
Britain Revokes America's Independence
Notice of Revocation of Independence Popular
How the Grinch Stole Election Day Popular
Bush/Gore Debate Parody
Al Gore Concession Speech: 10 Drafts
Top 10 Things Overheard During the Clinton/Gore Fight
God Overrules Supreme Court Verdict

Corporate Scandal Jokes

Smart Investing
Enron Capitalism vs. Traditional Capitalism Popular
Enron Charity
Ken Lay's Collateral
Once Upon an Enron Dreary
Where Enron Learned Economics
Bad Cellular


Income Tax Filing Strategy
Arnold Changes California's Official Language
And God Created California!
In Defense of Marriage
American History 101
Ordering a Pizza From Big Brother
The Pope Dies and Goes to Heaven
The Pope Visits America
A Priest and Rabbi Compare Jobs
A Catholic Goes to Confession
Heaven and Hell
NASA and the Navajo
Computer Viruses
McDonnell Douglas Warranty Card
God and the Environmentalists
California's Power Crisis
The Gingrich That Stole Congress
The OJ Trial As Told By Dr. Seuss
Politically Correct Little Red Riding Hood Popular

Late-Night Political Jokes

Today's Jokes Popular
Complete A-Z Joke Archive
2005 Bush Joke Archive Popular
2004 Bush Joke Archive
100 Best Bush Jokes: 2000-2004 Popular

John Kerry Jokes
20 Best John Kerry Jokes

Dick Cheney Jokes
John Edwards Jokes
Ralph Nader Jokes
Bush Inauguration Jokes
Presidential Debate Jokes
Republican Convention Jokes

Democratic Convention Jokes
Democratic Primary Jokes
Iraq Prison Scandal Jokes
Saddam Hussein Jokes
Iraq and WMD Jokes
Post-War Iraq Jokes
Iraq War Jokes
Condoleezza Rice Jokes
Donald Rumsfeld Jokes
9/11 Intelligence Failures Jokes
French Jokes
Osama bin Laden Jokes
War on Terrorism Jokes
Homeland Security Jokes
Arnold Schwarzenegger Jokes
California Recall Election Jokes
Gay Marriage Jokes
Howard Dean Jokes
Democrat Jokes
Republican Jokes
Congress Jokes
Economy Jokes
Media Jokes
Corporate Scandal Jokes
Martha Stewart Jokes
Enron Scandal Jokes
Catholic Church Scandal Jokes
Bush Twins Jokes
Clinton Post-Presidential Jokes
Clinton Exit Scandal Jokes
Hillary Clinton Jokes
Al Gore Jokes
Dick Cheney Jokes
Bush Transition Jokes
Bill Clinton Jokes
Florida Recount Jokes

Stupid Quotes

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George W. Bushisms
Tom DeLay Popular
Pat Robertson Popular
Donald Rumsfeld
Dick Cheney
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Howard Dean
Bill Clinton
Al Gore
George H.W. Bush
Dan Quayle
Ronald Reagan
Bill O'Reilly
Dan Ratherisms
Baghdad Bob
Classic Political Quotes

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