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Bidenisms - Joe Biden Gaffes and Biden Quotes - Political Humor
In honor of Vice President Joe Biden's birthday, read a collection of classic Bidenisms.
Top 10 Obama and Biden Gaffes (So Far)
A list of the most memorable gaffes committed by Barack Obama and Joe Biden - so far.
The Top Ten Dumbest Joe Biden Quotes - Political Humor - About.com
Read a collection of the dumbest things Vice President Joe Biden has ever said, from the campaign trail to the White House. ... Top 10 Joe Biden Gaffes.
Stupid Joe Biden Quotes - Dumbest Joe Biden Gaffes and Quotes
A collection of the dumbest things Vice President Joe Biden has ever said.
Dumb Barack Obama Quotes and Gaffes (Obamaisms)
Obamaisms. Dumb Quotes and Gaffes by Barack Obama .... --slipping up while introducing Joe Biden at their first joint campaign rally, Springfield, Illinois, Aug.
Vice President Joe Biden - Funny Quotes
Read a collection of funny quotes by Vice President Joe Biden. ... Dumbest Joe Biden Quotes of All Time · Joe Biden's Funniest Gaffes of All Time · Joe Biden ...
Joe Biden Jokes - Funny Biden Jokes and Biden Humor
A round-up of the best humor about Vice President Joe Biden, including ... Read a collection of dumb Joe Biden quotes and memorable gaffes, updated ...
Biden Gaffe Video - Stand Up Chuck! - Political Humor - About.com
Joe Biden calls upon Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham ... Joe Biden: 'Stand Up, Chuck!' By bradbelote ... More About: joe biden · biden gaffes · political gaffes.
Political Gaffes - Funny Gaffes and Embarrassing Moments
A rundown of the best political gaffes and embarrassing political moments. ... Top 10 Obama and Biden Gaffes (So Far) · A list of the most memorable gaffes ...
Joe Biden Gaffe on FDR and Depression History - Biden Gaffe Video
Joe Biden gets his historical facts mixed up by claiming that Franklin D. Roosevelt got on television in 1929 to talk about the stock market crash.
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