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2008 Election Cartoons - 2008 Presidential Election Political Cartoons
View a gallery of 2008 election cartoons, featuring the latest political cartoons about the 2008 presidential campaign and candidates.
The 25 Funniest Viral Videos of Election 2008 - Political Humor
Watch the best spoof videos and popular viral videos from the 2008 presidential campaign.
Top 10 Gaffes of Election 2008 - Funny Political Gaffes
A look back at the funniest gaffes, trainwreck interviews, and other moments of schadenfreude from the 2008 presidential campaign.
2008 Presidential Election Jokes - Campaign Humor and Comedy
Jokes, cartoons, and humor about the 2008 presidential election campaign and presidential candidates.
2008 Election Humor - Best Election Jokes and Campaign Comedy
Top 10 Funniest Gaffes of Election 2008. Take a look back at the most memorable gaffes, disastrous interviews, and other schadenfreude-inducing moments ...
Funny Campaign Quotes - Campaign 2008 Funniest Quotes
Read a collection of the funniest quotes from the 2008 presidential candidates.
2008 Election Jokes - Late-Night Jokes about Presidential Candidates
Read late-night jokes about the 2008 presidential election campaign and presidential candidates.
John McCain - Presidential Election 2008 Senator John McCain Is ...
Senator John McCain and Presidential election candidate for 2008 is an adoptive parent. Learn more about John McCain and the adoption of his youngest ...
Five Reasons Why Obama Won the '08 Presidential Election
Obama decisively won the presidential election for many reasons and factors, including weaknesses of his Republican opponent, John McCain. This article ...
Presidential Candidate Pictures - Funny Political Pictures
View funny pictures, political cartoons, doctored photos, and parodies poking fun at the 2008 presidential candidates.
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