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Fail Pictures - Funny Political Fail Pictures - Funny Epic Fails
View a gallery of funny fail pictures featuring epic fails by politicians, political protesters, and other idiots.
When Photo Ops Go Horribly Awry - Political Humor - About.com
May 23, 2014 ... Classic political gaffes and epic fails caught on camera, featuring the wacky antics of Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, ...
Death to All Juice - Protest Sign Fail Picture
A misspelled protest sign that says 'Death to All Juice.'
Epic Fails in Crochet -- My Worst Crochet Projects - About.com
Oh dear. I'm not quite sure how to explain this mess. Let's just say, it didn't turn out like I expected. Important Takeaways: Go easy on the variegated yarn.
Funny Protest Signs - Stupid Political Protest Sign Pictures
A gallery of funny political protest signs, featuring both clever slogans and unintentionally funny displays of idiocy.
The United States Prohibition of Alcohol - 1920-1933
The prohibition of alcohol in the 1920's and 30's in the United States is one of most famous, or infamous, times in recent American history. The intention was to  ...
How To Order Your Pool Shot Priorities
I've seen epic fails from players who stood in the wrong place to begin aim, let alone build a pro-like stance. Step Three: Involves practice strokes. Practice ...
Famous Basketball Quotes - Quotes Quotations - About.com
Basketball stars have enriched us not just with their outstanding performance on court, but also off-court. Read their famous quotes and get inspired.
Political Pictures, Cartoons and Memes - Humor
Funny Political Fail Pictures. View a gallery of funny fail pictures featuring epic fails by politicians, political protesters, and other idiots. More .
Guide to Helmet Cams - About.com
a new breed of digital camcorder can help capture your epic moments (or epic fails). The helmet cam, or sports camcorder, is a durable video camera capable of  ...
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