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Famous Political Celebrity Idiots - Political Humor - About.com
Find jokes, cartoons and other humor about famous leaders, evildoers, media blowhards, celebrities, and other famous idiots.
The 25 Dumbest Quotes of 2005 - Stupid Quotes of 2005
25 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Quotes by Various Idiots .... History in its Own Words: A Collection of Famous Quotes · News and Commentary about President ...
Famous Political Quotes - Political Humor - About.com
A collection of famous political quotes, classic one-liners, and funny quotes about ... People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.
Stupid Quotations From Fox News Hosts - Political Humor - About.com
We're teaching kids to knock on other people's doors and ask for a handout." — Fox News host Sean ... It's not about whether or not you're popular. It's not about ...
Celebrity Sightings in Phoenix and Scottsdale - About.com
Here are ten places where you are more likely to run into famous people who live in or are visiting Phoenix and Scottsdale. Tell us which celebrities you saw!
Dumb Barack Obama Quotes and Gaffes (Obamaisms)
--flubbing the spelling of Aretha Franklin's famous song "Respect" while paying tribute ... We don't want people to stop, ah, fulfilling the core responsibilities of the  ...
Famous Dumb Quotes by Dan Quayle - Political Humor - About.com
"We're going to have the best-educated American people in the world." "People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous  ...
18 Humorous Quotes by Famous People about Work - Retail Industry
Find funny and fun quotations about work, jobs, and unemployment here. These are quotable quotes from famous people based on their experience with eating ...
Dumb Quotes Quiz - Funny Political Quiz - Political Humor - About.com
Test your political savvy by matching each dumb political quote with the idiot who said it. ... Cartoons of the Week. See More About. stupid quotes · famous idiots ...
Stupid Presidential Quotes - Dumb Quotes by Presidents - Famous ...
Famous Dumb Quotes by Dan Quayle · Marilyn Monroe: Famous and Unfamiliar ... Mother's Day Quotes From Famous People · Wise Old Sayings and Quotes by  ...
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