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Al Gore Satire and Parodies

A collection of political satire and parodies taking aim at Al Gore.

Funny Al Gore Pictures and Parodies
Browse through a collection of cartoons, doctored photos, and parodies poking fun at Al Gore.

Al Gore Cartoons
A collection of political cartoons about former Vice President Al Gore.

Al Gore Jokes
Late-night jokes about former Vice President Al Gore.

President Al Gore on Saturday Night Live
Al Gore addressed the nation as if he were president in the opening skit of "Saturday Night Live." Gore provided a glimpse into a parallel world as he recounted how events of the last six years unfolded following his "overwhelming" victory in 2000. Watch the video or read the transcript.

Saturday Night Live's Bush-Gore Debate Parody
Listen to the classic SNL parody from the 2000 election of the first Bush-Gore presidential debate. The sketch is perhaps the funniest -- and most influential -- bit of political satire produced in recent years.

Bush/Gore Election Night Phone Calls
Listen in on the election night phone conversations between Gore and Bush. Hilarious!

Al Gore Priceless Parody
An amusing parody of Mastercard's "Priceless" ad campaign.

GOP Anger at President Gore's War Actions
Somewhere in a parallel universe...congressional Republicans harshly criticize President Gore's war actions in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Gore Loses Bid to Run Shadow Government
Just days after it was revealed that there is a "shadow government" in place underground somewhere outside of Washington, D.C., former Vice-President Al Gore was trounced in his bid to become President of it.

Al Gore's Goatee Gambit
Al Gore recently came out of his post-election seclusion sporting a new beard. Modern Humorist ponders whether Gore is trying to attract 2004 voters using the "goatee gambit," and presents some follicular possibilities.

Gore's National Endowment
The cover of Rolling Stone shows Al Gore's khakis-clad crotch looking...very, very presidential. Modern Humorist reveals what they brushed over.

Full Metal Keyboard
Al Gore's Vietnam flashbacks, from the Modern Humorist.

Put Ten Grand in the Hand
A Capitol Steps song parody of "Put Your Hand in the Hand."

Secret Asian Man
The Captiol Steps take on the Clinton fundraising scandals in this amusing song parody to the tune of "Secret Agent Man."

Al and Joe in Mayberry
Separated at birth?

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