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Anti-Bush Jokes

All manner of anti-Bush jokes, anti-Bush cartoons, anti-Bush Web sites, and other antiBush humor.

Anti-Bush Cartoons and Anti-Bush Pictures
View a huge, regularly updated collection of anti-Bush cartoons and funny anti-Bush pictures.

Anti-Bush Joke Gallery
Read a regularly updated collection of anti-Bush jokes, including email jokes and funny forwards poking fun at President Bush.

Late-Night Anti-Bush Jokes
Read recent anti-Bush jokes from the late-night comedians, or browse through the 100 best anti-Bush jokes from 2000-2004.

George Bush Loyalty Quiz
Are you a true believer in George W. Bush, or do you think he has been a miserable failure? Take this quiz and we'll gauge your level of support for the 43rd president.

Read a hand-picked, regularly updated collection of stupid Bush quotes.

Anti-Bush Videos
Watch funny anti-Bush videos and animations mocking President Bush, including "Bush and Blair's Endless Love," "Bush and the Yawning Boy," and "The Apprentice Guest Starring George W. Bush."

The George W. Bush Trivia Quiz
What was that mysterious bulge on Bush's back during the presidential debates? Did Bush really wave at Stevie Wonder? What product did Bush inspire a toy manufacturer to create? Test your knowledge of Bush's feats and foibles with this funny quiz.

Anti-Bush Products and Gag Gifts
Find popular anti-Bush products, including gag gifts and novelties.

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