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Osama bin Laden Games

A variety of Osama bin Laden games letting you join the hunt to kill Osama bin Laden.
  1. More Political Games
  2. Saddam Hussein Games
  3. War Games

Special Ops: War on Terrorism
Your mission: Take out a terrorist camp, rescue hostages, engage in cave recon, and capture bin Laden. The best anti-terrorist game yet -- presented by MiniClip.com.

War on Terrorism 2: Defending Freedom
A new game from MiniClip.com lets you hunt down terrorists in Afghanistan, London, Belfast, and Yemen.

Morph Osama bin Laden
Mess up Osama bin Laden's face with a click of your mouse.

Anti-Osama bin Laden Games and Animations
Links to dozens of anti-Osama bin Laden games and flash cartoon movies at Newgrounds.com.

Your very own Osama, to maim and brutalize!

Al Quaidamon
Your very own war prisoner! How will you treat him?

Box Bin Laden
Participate in a virtual boxing match with Osama bin Laden. Put him down for the count.

Bend Over Bin Laden
Fire missiles and splatter bin Laden all over the desert.

Gamers Blow bin Laden Away
Osama bin Laden has managed to escape harm in the real world, but his likeness is getting blown away with extreme prejudice in living rooms across America, Wired reports.

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