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Brokeback Mountain Jokes

A collection of political jokes inspired by Brokeback Mountain.

DeLay and Abramoff in 'Kickback Mountain'
Indicted Congressman Tom DeLay and indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff star in "Kickback Mountain."

Bush and Cheney in Dumbf**k Mountain
President Bush and Vice President Cheney star in "Dumbf**k Mountain."

Brokeback Mountain Jokes
Read late-night jokes about Brokeback Mountain.

Bush and Abramoff in Brokeback Mountain
George Bush asks, "Why can't I quit you, Jack?"

Video: Dick Cheney Talks About Brokeback Mountain
Dick Cheney talks about his favorite part of Brokeback Mountain in an exclusive "interview" with Jay Leno.

Video: Brokeback Bowling Alley
National Lampoon resets the Brokeback Mountain cowboy romance spectacle from the great outdoors to the scenic hardwoods of an Allentown, PA bowling alley.

Video: Brokeback To The Future
The popular Internet genre of movie trailer mash-ups continues, combining the gay cowboy weeper, "Brokeback Mountain," with the "Back to the Future" adventure comedies.

Brokeback Mountain Spoof Videos
Brokeback Mountain inspired an entire industry of parodies. Watch highlights at Ifilm.com.

Brokeback Mountain Cartoons
View a collection of editorial cartoons inspired by Brokeback Mountain.

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