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Bush Games and Bush Quiz Games

Have a little fun at President Bush's expense with this collection of Bush games and quizzes.
  1. Political Games and Quizzes

Bush Shoot-Out Game
A fun White House shoot-out game starring George Bush and Condoleezza Rice from MiniClip.com.

Bush Royal Rampage
Save London from terrorists in this Bush shoot-out game.

Dancing Bush Game
President Bush struts his stuff on the dance floor as he gets down and boogies.

The George W. Bush Loyalty Quiz
Are you a true believer in George W. Bush, or do you think he has been a miserable failure? Take this quiz and we'll gauge your level of support for the 43rd president.

The Bushisms Quiz
Test your Bushspeak IQ with this quiz on President Bush's hilarious malapropisms, verbal gaffes, and scrambled syntax.

The George W. Bush Trivia Quiz
What was that mysterious bulge on Bush's back during the presidential debates? What product did Bush inspire a toy manufacturer to create? Did Bush really wave at Stevie Wonder? Test your knowledge of Bush's feats and foibles with this funny trivia quiz.

Bush Shoe Dodge Game
Bush did pretty well against a guy with two shoes, but what if Muntazar al-Zaidi had an unlimited supply? Help Bush dodge flying footwear!

Bush in Freefall
See Bush flop and fall like a rag doll in this fun interactive flash game.

Morph Bush and Kerry
Morph the faces of President George W. Bush, Sen. John Kerry, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Sen. John Edwards with the click of your mouse.

Bush Aerobics
Control Dubya's exercise moves as he works his buns and abs to the beat.

Bush vs. Kerry Joust
Who will win the White House joust? Pick a candidate as Bush and Kerry square off in this amusing game presented by Kewlbox.com. Requires Shockwave to play.

The Republican Loyalty Quiz
Are you a red-blooded Republican or a true-blue Democrat? Take this handy political quiz and we'll gauge where you fit on the political spectrum.

The Bush vs. Bush Quiz
Few presidents have mangled the English language with as much dexterity as the George Bushes. Try as we might to read their lips, they often leave us searching for meaning, not to mention nouns and verbs. Can you discern a George W. Bushism from a George H.W. Bushism? Take our quiz and find out.

2004 Political Quiz
Did Condoleezza Rice inadvertently confess her secret love for President Bush? Who said that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged? Test your knowledge with this political quiz.

George Bush-Britney Spears Dancing Game
Britney Spears and President Bush star in "United We Dance." You control their dance moves as they shake their booty in this fun, patriotic animation.

Operation: Cure the Cabinet
In this parody of the game Operation, you must remove Bush's Cabinet. Presented by True Majority PAC.

Hip-Hop Debate: Bush vs. Kerry
Bush and Kerry battle Hip-Hop style in this amusing interactive game presented by Miniclip.

Dishonest Dubya Lying Action Figure
Dress up Bush in exciting outfits and put outrageous words in his mouth. Presented by Angry Candy Productions.

Bush Magnetic War Rhetoric Kit
Create your own justification for war.

George W. Bush Speechwriter
Use your mouse to drag and drop words into Bush's mouth and listen to him deliver a customized speech.

Build a Better Bush
Use pop-up menus to change President Bush's face.

Save the environment from Bush in this game presented by Environment2004.

Create Your Own Bush Cartoons
Make your own custom Bush cartoons.

Bush Background Generator
Create your own "message of the day" backdrop for President Bush.

Bush Yoga
Pose the leader of the free world in a variety of ancient positions.

Make Your Own Bush Speech
Drag and drop words directly into Bush's mouth.

Bush Invaders
A take-off of "Space Invaders," in which Bush tries to blast away Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Schroeder, Hans Blix, and Saddam Hussein.

The George W. Bush Conspiracy Generator
Want to come up with your own conspiracy theory about Bush? Don't let Al Franken, Michael Moore, and MoveOn.org have all the fun! Use this handy George W. Bush Conspiracy Theory Generator to come up with your own conspiracy theory.

Enough said.

Dress'm Up Dubya
Listen to your Dubya talk, dress him up in costume and get him intoxicated at Oddcast.com.

Dubya Goes to War!
From the makers of "Dress 'm Up Dubya" comes a new game that allows presidential fans and foes alike to customize their own Bush "puppet" and email it to friends.

The Chimp vs. the President
Play tic-tac-toe with Dubya.

The Bush or Wiggum Game
Is the quote from George W. Bush or Ralph Wiggum? You Decide.

The Stop Bush From Drinking Game
Thirty years ago our president had a drinking problem. Now it's up to you to stop him from boozing and save the nation. A game brought to you by MadBlast.com.

Is Bush Annoying or Not?
Rate Dubya at Am I Annoying Or Not.com.

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