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Bushisms and Funny Bush Quotes

Complete coverage of George W. Bush's mangling of the mother tongue, including the latest Bushisms and other funny Bush quotes.
  1. Stupid Republican Quotes
  2. Funny Political Quotes
  3. Bushism Videos (16)
  4. Funny Bush Speeches (13)

Dumbest Bush Quotes of All time
Read a collection of the dumbest things George W. Bush ever said.

Latest Bushisms
A hand-picked, regularly updated collection of the best Bush gaffes and funny Bush quotes.

Top 50 Bushisms
Read the ultimate compendium of classic Bushisms, featuring the 50 most idiotic, strange, and maniacal things George W. Bush ever said.

Top 10 Bushisms
Check out our list of the 10 dumbest things President Bush has ever said.

The Bushisms Quiz
Test your knowledge of President Bush's verbal gaffes, scrambled syntax, and inane statements with this funny 15-question quiz.

Bushisms Audio Gallery
Listen to audio clips of President Bush's dumbest quotes and verbal gaffes.

Top 10 Bushisms of 2008
Read a compilation of the 10 dumbest Bush quotes from 2008.

Top 10 Bushisms of 2007
Read a compilation of the 10 dumbest Bush quotes from 2007.

Top 10 Bushisms of 2006
Read a funny list of the 10 stupidest things President Bush said in 2006.

Top 10 Bushisms of 2005
Read a funny list of the 10 dumbest things President Bush said in 2005.

Top 10 Bushisms of 2004
Read a collection of the funniest verbal gaffes made by President Bush in 2004.

What's Your Favorite Bushism of All Time?
George W. Bush mangled the English language like no other president during his eight years in office. What's your favorite Bushism of all time?

Bush Bloopers Video
Watch a funny video featuring a series of the best Bush bloopers and verbal gaffes.

Funny Bush Speeches
Read accounts and watch videos clips of all of President Bush's humorous speeches delivered at the annual White House Correspondents' dinners and other press dinners.

George W. Bush's Nicknames
Read a list of nicknames given by President Bush to friends and foes.

The Wit and Wisdom of George W. Bush
Bush's verbal gaffes may be legendary, but he's also said a lot of intentionally funny things. Read Bush's wittiest quips from the 2004 campaign trail.

Video: Bush's Speechalist
A hilarious plays the genius behind President Bush's famous flubs in this hilarious short, presented by Comedy Central.

The Bush vs. Bush Quiz
Few presidents have mangled the English language with as much dexterity as the George Bushes. Can you discern a George W. Bushism from a George H.W. Bushism? Take our quiz and find out.

The Bushisms: Poppy and Dubya Speak
George W. Bush's verbal gaffes have proven that he shares his father's flair for butchering the English language. But the many adventures in Bushspeak cannot be fully appreciated until Poppy and Dubya's rhetorical blunders are compared side by side.

Make the Pie Higher
Read a hilarious poem composed entirely of actual George W. Bush quotes.

Bushisms on DVD
You've read President Bush's hilarious verbal gaffes, now you can watch him butcher the English language on DVD.

Bushisms Products
Buy mugs, buttons, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and other products featuring classic Bushisms.

Bushisms Poster
Buy a poster featuring classic Bushisms such as "I think war is a dangerous place," "The future will be better tomorrow," "I stand by all the misstatments that I've made."

The Complete Bushisms
Keep up to date on all the latest Bushisms gathered by Slate's Jacob Weisberg, the man who coined the term and wrote the book on Bushisms.

2006 Desk Calendar of Presidential (Mis)Speak
Features 365 malapropisms and other oratorical manglings from the 43rd President of the United States.

Bushisms Gear
Buy T-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, and other products featuring hilarious Bush quotes.

George W. Bush Misunderestimated
A flash cartoon animation featuring stupid Bush quotes.

Make Your Own Bush Speech
Drag and drop words directly into Bush's mouth.

Build Your Own Bush Speech
Now you too can Bushify any sentence.

Doonesbury on Bushisms
Doonesbury recaps classic Bushisms. Click here and here.

3D Dubya
Features 3D animations of Bush delivering his juiciest quotes.

Dubya Quote Quiz
Dubya's use of the English language is so...uh...creative, that it's often hard to tell a made-up quote from the real enchilada. Test your Bush quote quotient with this quiz from Madeleine Begun Kane.

Great site which includes Bush's verbal gaffes organized by subject, his repeat verbal offenses, an audio archive of Bush quotes, and more.

Fool Me Once...
Watch video footage of Bush making the following statement: "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."

Bush as a Second Language
About's Guide to English as a Second Language evaluates President Bush's problems with grammar.

Bush Channels the Ancients
A White House staffer reveals that Bush has mastered George Eliot, Tocqueville, Aristotle and Wordsworth. A careful reading of some of the president's more famous remarks reveals the wisdom he has clearly been struggling to share with us.

The Bush or Wiggum Game
Is the quote from George W. Bush or Ralph Wiggum? You Decide.

George W. Bush: Fill in the Blanks
How many Bushisms can you complete?

Bush Speak: An Interview with Mark Crispin Miller
The author of "The Bush Dyslexicon" sees more in Bush's verbal tics and grammatical bungles than just plain idiocy. He credits Bush for speaking a language television producers and talk show hosts can understand: one of superfice and shallowness, of one-liners and aw-shucks answers.

Read Bush quotes assembled by Bush Watch, which describes "Bushlexia" as "a combination of dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, apraxia, illiteracy, ignorance, laziness, passive-aggressiveness, and an arrogant attitude of privilege."

Bushonics Speakers Strike Back
A surprising number of Americans speak a form of nonstandard English that linguists have dubbed "Bushonics," in honor of the dialect's most famous speaker, George W. Bush. They're mad as hell and won't be misunderestimated anymore!

What You See Is What You Get
An excerpt from "The Bush Dyslexicon" by Mark Crispin Miller.

Bush For Dummies
Features funny and disturbing Bush quotes and amusing captioned photos.

Decoding Bushspeak
A Republican-to-English dictionary.

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