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Bush Twins Satire and Parodies

Satirical news and parodies poking fun at first daughters Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush.

Bush Girls Gone Wild
View a photo illustration of the Bush twins, created as an April Fool's prank, in which Barbara and Jenna Bush are pictured wearing lingerie in the aftermath of a pillow fight.

Jenna and Barbara Forced Out in First Family Shakeup
The Washington Post reveals that first twins Jenna and Barbara are being shown the door as part of a shakeup of the First Family.

Bush Twins to Join Air Force Tech Unit in Iraq
First daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush will be assigned to a high-tech unit in Iraq, the Air Force Human Resources Command has confirmed. They are scheduled to receive advanced training in telecommunications at the School of Information Technology before deployment overseas with the USAF Information Operations Squadron.

Bush Twins' T-Mobile Sidekick Hacked
Digital photos discovered in Barbara and Jenna Bush's T-Mobile Sidekick included shots of the President drinking with Jenna and picking his nose, the Vice President reading a newspper on the toilet, and an unidentified individual seated in an automobile while vomiting. From the Specious Report.

Q & A With The Bush Twins
The Bush Twins answer your questions on "Ask the White House," a parody from White House.org.

Bush Twins College Graduation
George and Laura Bush extend warm, long-distance congratulations to the Bush twins on the occasion of having survived for long years amongst intellectual elites.

Jenna & Barbara Bush: The Camp David Intervention Transcript
A behind-the-scenes look at how the Bushes are grappling with the unseemly, public drinking problems of Jenna and Barbara.

Laura Bush's Guide to Raising Christian Young Ladies
An exclusive excerpt from our First Lady Laura Bush's new book about raising her daughters Jenna and Barbara.

Secret Service Face "Cock Blocking" Accusations
From National Lampoon: "According to 22-year-old Jason Brantly of Kennebunkport, Maine, he and Jenna Bush were talking Saturday night at Duffy's Tavern, a local watering hole, when secret service agent Tom O'Brien joined them and proceeded to dominate the conversation. 'He was a total cock block,' recalled Brantly..."

A Special Plea: Leave Jenna Bush Alone!
Modern Humorist is shocked and dismayed to witness the craven and mean-spirited manner in which the media has ignored Jenna Bush’s right, her natural right, to sip the sweet nectar of total depravity.

The Lowdown on the Bush Daughters
Modern Humorists provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Bush twins.

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