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Humor Columnists

Read political commentary from the nation's funniest political columnists, including Dave Barry, Molly Ivins, Maureen Dowd, Will Durst, and other humor columnists.

Today's Humor Commentary
Humorous political commentary from the nation's leading humor pundits.

Politics Line
Opinions from the country's greatest columnists updated daily.

Dave Barry
Hey may well be the funniest man in America, and you can sift through his columns to find incisive political commentary. And no, he is not making this stuff up.

Andy Borowitz
Can the news be funny? Humorist Andy Borowtiz thinks so. Read his hilarious take on the week's events.

Art Buchwald
Read the latest musings from the king of American political satire in the Washington Post.

Maureen Dowd
Pulitzer Prize winner Maureen Dowd’s insightful and wickedly funny column appears twice a week in The New York Times, on Sundays and Wednesdays. The Times' web site features links to all of her columns from the last month.

Will Durst
One of America's premier political comics, Will Durst lives up to his billing as "an equal opportunity offender" and "bi-partisan smartass." Check out his "Week's Worth" columns.

Jim Hightower
The latest commentary from "America's #1 Populist." Hightower calls himself "a leading national voice for the 80 percent of us who no longer find ourselves even within shouting distance of those at the top."

Arianna Huffington
The complete syndicated columns of Arianna Huffington, who, with wit and irreverence, has taken to railing against the corruption of the political system and advocating reform.

Argus Hamilton
The nationally syndicated humor column of comedian Argus Hamilton is loaded with great political one-liners.

Rick Horowitz
Humor columns from syndicated columnist Rick Horowitz.

Molly Ivins
A brash liberal Texan, Molly Ivins pokes fun at politics and pomposity.

Al Kamen
Stay "In the Loop" with Washington Post columnist Al Kamen's thrice-weekly compendium of Beltway shenanigans.

Madeleine Begun Kane
The author of Dubya's Dayly Diary writes humor columns and satire about a range of political topics.

Mickey Kaus
Commentary about politics, media and culture in Kausfiles.com.

William Klein
A political consultant and opinion columnist doing his part to keep democracy safe through satire, and other observations on politics and society.

Gersh Kuntzman
Read the scribblings of humor columnist Gersh Kuntzman for Newsweek.com and the New York Post.

Joe Lavin
Weekly humor columns about politics and other issues in the news.

Richard Leiby
Keep up to speed on all the latest exploits of the political glitterati in "The Reliable Source," Richard Leiby's highly entertaining daily gossip column in the Washington Post.

Bill Maher
Read Bill Maher's "New Rules" commentaries from his HBO show "Real Time With Bill Maher."

Michael Moore
Read filmmaker/activist Michael Moore's latest commentaries and newsletters and Michael Moore.com.

Mark Morford
Read Mark Morford's deeply skewed, highly satiric, well-lubricated rantings at SF Gate.

Dave Ross
Read Dave Ross's funny and insightful daily radio commentaries as heard on CBS Radio.

Bill Shein
Read humorist Bill Shein's sarcastic outrage at Reason Gone Mad.

Bob Somerby
Teacher-cum-journalist-cum-comedian Bob Somerby challenges conventional political reporting in the Daily Howler -- always a highly entertaining read.

Hunter S. Thompson
Ruminations on politics, sports and whatnot, appearing every Monday in ESPN.com.

Buck Wolf
Read Buck Wolf's entertaining "Wolf Files" column at ABC News.com.

Steve Young
Read the satirical writings of Steve Young at Jewish World Review.

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