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Democrat Quotes

Read funny quotes and stupid sound bites by various Democrats and liberals.
  1. Political Quotes

Funniest Obama Quotes of All Time
The funniest Barack Obama quotes of all time, including witty quips and funny one-liners from Obama's speeches, late-night TV appearances, and comedy routines.

Dumbest Obama Quotes of All Time
President Obama's biggest gaffes and dumbest quotes of all time.

Left-Wing Moonbat Quote-O-Matic
Generate random stupid quotes by loony liberal moonbats.

Dumbest Political Quotes of 2010 (So Far)
The year's most ridiculous political quotes by various Republicans, Democrats, pundits, and other idiots.

Dumb Joe Biden Quotes
Vice President Joe Biden's latest gaffes and idiotic quotes.

Best Late-Night Jokes Jabbing Democrats
A collection of the funny late-night jokes poking fun at Democrats and liberals.

Funny Democrat Bumper Stickers
A bumper crop of funny political bumper stickers for liberals and Democrats.

Dumb Hillary Clinton Quotes
Read the top 10 dumbest Hillary Clinton quotes over the years.

Stupid Hillary Clinton Quotes
Read the top 10 stupidest Hillary Clinton quotes.

Funny Hillary Clinton Quotes
Read a collection of funny Hillary Clinton quotes from her 2008 presidential campaign and her years in the Senate and as First Lady.

Bill Clinton Quotes
Read funny quotes by President Bill Clinton.

Al Gore Quotes
Read funny quotes by former Vice President Al Gore.

John Kerry Quotes
Read witty quips by John Kerry from the 2004 campaign trail.

Michael Moore Quotes
Funny quotes by author/filmmaker/political provocateur Michael Moore.

Howard Dean Quotes
Read a list of the 10 stupidest things Howard Dean has ever said.

Al Sharpton Quotes
Read funny one-liners by Rev. Al Sharpton.

Dumb Quotes from the 2008 Candidates
Read dumb quotes from the 2008 presidential candidates, updated frequently.

The 10 Most Obnoxious Quotes from the Democratic Presidential Race
Read a compilation of the most obnoxious quotes by Clinton and Obama surrogates and supporters from the 2008 presidential campaign.

Stupid Liberal Quote Quiz
How well do you know your left-wing idiots? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz featuring stupid quotes by famous liberals.

Funny Barack Obama Quotes
Read a collection of President Barack Obama funniest quotes.

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