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Dick Cheney Jokes

Jokes, cartoons, and satire poking fun at Vice President Dick Cheney.
  1. Cheney Shooting Jokes (32)
  2. Dick Cheney Cartoons (3)
  3. Dick Cheney Satire (12)
  4. Cheney Top 10 Lists (8)

Dick Cheney Jokes
A collection of late-night jokes about Dick Cheney by all the late-night comedians.

Funny Dick Cheney Pictures
View a collection of funny Dick Cheney pictures, including cartoons, fake photos, parodies, and funny captioned pictures of Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney Cartoons
View a collection of political cartoons about former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney Cartoons and Funny Pictures
View a series of doctored photos and cartoons poking fun at Vice President Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney Jokes
Read late-night jokes about Vice President Cheney.

Stupid Dick Cheney Quotes
Read the 10 most mind-numbingly stupid quotes by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Cheney's Comedy Act at Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner
Watch video and read highlights of Dick Cheney's comedy routine at the 2008 Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner.

Transcript of Dick Cheney's Speech at the 2008 Radio & TV Corresponden
Read the transcript of Dick Cheney's humorous speech at the 2008 Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner.

Did Dick Cheney Hook A Naked Woman?
The Internets are atwitter over a photo of Dick Cheney that some say features a naked woman reflected in his sunglasses. See the photo and get the full story.

Dick Cheney Shooting Humor Roundup
Dick Cheney jokes are flying fast and furious in the wake of his shooting accident. Check out popular jokes and parodies, as well as a roundup of what comedians, bloggers and Internet humorists are saying about the Cheney accident.

Late-Night Comedians Declare Open Season on Cheney
The late-night comedians took their first round of shots at Vice President Cheney in the wake of his shooting accident. Read highlights from Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Jay Leno, and others.

Dick Cheney Lurking in the Bushes
Watch a bizarre video clip of Dick Cheney lurking in the Bushes while President Bush holds a news conference.

Video: Dick Cheney, The Notorious VP
Watch a funny spoof video from HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher," featuring "Dick Cheney: The Notorious VP."

Video: Jay Leno Dick Cheney Interview
Jay Leno scores an interview with Dick Cheney and asks the questions FOX News Channel's Brit Hume was afraid to ask.

Dick Cheney Shooting Cartoons
View editorial cartoons compiled by the Professional Cartoonists Index and Slate about Dick Cheney's shooting accident.

Heckler to Cheney: 'Go F**k Yourself!'
While Vice President Dick Cheney toured damage from Hurricane Katrina in Gulfport, Mississippi, a heckler shouted out to him, 'Go f**k yourself, Mr. Cheney! Get the full story and watch the video clip.

Cheney to Leahy: 'Go F**k Yourself'
Vice President Dick Cheney blurted out an obscenity at Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy during a testy exchange on the Senate floor. Get the full scoop.

Bush Does Comedy Routine, Exposes Cheney 'Peeing'
President Bush offered a comical look inside the West Wing during the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, showing "actual never-seen-before-photos" of Hillary Clinton clad in a burqa and Dick Cheney urinating on the door of the Oval Office.

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