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Bailout Humor Bonanza


A roundup of late-night jokes, political cartoons, and spoof videos about government bailouts of U.S. corporations and festering public outrage.

1. Bailout Late-Night Jokes

"In a stunning announcement, Citigroup showed a profit and had its best quarter since 2007. They made $8 billion in profit. That just goes to show you, you give a company $45 billion in government bailout money, and they'll show you how to turn it into $8 billion. See this is capitalism!" --Jay Leno

2. Bailout Cartoons

View a collection of cartoons about government bailouts by top editorial cartoonists from around the country.

3. Lex Luthor Bailout With Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm from Mad Men stars as Lex Luthor petitioning for a bailout in a funny spoof video presented by Funny Or Die

4. Colbert's AIG Rampage: We'll Hunt Down Bonus Babies With Pitchforks

Stephen Colbert: "Nation, follow me, and I will make us a mob so big, it cannot fail."

5. Daily Show: The Notorious AIG

Ben Bernanke slams the phone, and Barack Obama chokes up with anger over the AIG bonuses.

6. Daily Show: AIG Gives Bailout Money as Bonuses

Jon Stewart: "Here's the worst part: any money AIG saved on bonuses, they chose to give to their favorite charity, the 'Punch the Children Fund."

7. Lewis Black on Bailouts

From The Daily Show's "Back in Black" segment: Ever since our government started handing out free money, every Tom, Dick and mega corporation has been lining up to get theirs.

8. The Simpsons Mocks the Bailouts

In the opening sequence of an episode of "The Simpsons," Bart writes on the chalkboard, "My piggy bank is not entitled to TARP funds."

9. JetBlue Commercial: 'Welcome Bigwigs'

JetBlue pokes fun at disgraced Wall Street executives in a funny ad campaign.

10. $700 Billion Bailout Celebrated With Lavish $800 Billion Executive Party

From The Onion: "Do not worry, America," said AIG CEO Edward Liddy. "It's business as usual at AIG."
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