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2008 Election Games

Play free online election games related to the 2008 presidential campaign.
  1. Political Quizzes

Hunting With Palin
Take aim as Sarah Palin with an assault rifle. Shoot rare Alaskan wildlife, Russian MiGs, and other enemies of freedom (Katie Couric not included). Presented by Atom Films.

Kung-Fu Election Game
Choose the presidential candidate or their wives and play Kung-Fu Election, presented by Atom.com.

Indecision 2008: Below the Beltway
Lace up your gloves with a favorite candidate and settle your political differences the old-fashioned way. Presented by Comedy Central's Indecision 2008.

Super Obama World
A game combines the nostalgia of Super Mario Brothers with a biting political message.

Presidential Paintball Game
Hillary, Obama, McCain, and company play paintball for the presidency in this interactive election game presented by Miniclip.

White House Joust 2008
In White House Joust 2008, you control your favorite presidential candidate in an action-packed airborne battle. An election game from Kewlbox.

2008 Campaign Game
Back a candidate and run your own presidential election campaign in this election game from Miniclip.

Political Loyalty Quiz
Are you a red-blooded Republican or a true-blue Democrat? Take the Republican Loyalty Quiz or the Democratic Loyalty Quiz and we'll gauge where you fit on the political spectrum.

23/6: Conventional Wisdom Game
This entertaining online game presented by 23/6 allows you to make predictions about the national political conventions and compete to win a $1,000.

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