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Gas Prices Jokes

Jokes, cartoons, and satire about ridiculously high gas prices.
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Funny Pictures: Gas Price Signs

View a series of funny pictures of gas price signs mocking obscenely high gas prices.

Gas Prices Cartoons

View a gallery of political cartoons about high gas prices and the economy.

Gas Price Jokes

Read late-night jokes about high gas prices.

Editorial Cartoons: Super High Gas Prices

View editorial cartoons from around the country about soaring gas prices, compiled by the Professional Cartoonists Index.

Editorial Cartoons: My SUV Is Killing Me

View editorial cartoons about SUVs and high gas prices.

Animation: I Can't Afford My Gasoline

Sick of gas prices going up? This cartoon animation takes a satirical look at the situation before the time comes when we can't afford our gasoline. Presented by TocciOnline.
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