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Glenn Beck Jokes

Jokes, funny pictures, stupid quotes, and other humor poking fun at FOX News Channels' Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck Humor Roundup
A roundup of jokes, cartoons, and satire poking fun at FOX News Channel's Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator
Wondering what crazy conspiracy theories Glenn Beck will dream up next? Check out the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator, delivering fair and balanced paranoia on demand.

Glenn Beck Jokes
Read late-night jokes poking fun at Glenn Beck.

Top 10 Craziest Glenn Beck Quotes
The most ridiculous rants, paranoid delusions, and insane utterances ever to come out of the mouth of Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck Insane-O-Matic
Generate random insane quotes by FOX News Channel's Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck Pictures
A collection of funny pictures poking fun at Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck vs. Martin Luther King: A Comparison
A handy infographic comparing Glenn Beck to Dr. Martin Luther King.

Glenn Beck's 'Oligarhy' Spelling Misadventure
FOX News Channel's Glenn Beck makes a fool of himself by claiming he has deciphered a secret code that proves Obama is trying to create an "Oligarhy" -- and misspells the word.

Glenn Beck Cartoons
View a gallery of political cartoons of Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck.

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