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John Kerry Jokes

Jokes, political cartoons, and satire about former Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry.
  1. Election 2004 Jokes
  2. Kerry Political Cartoons (15)
  3. Kerry Satire & Parodies (31)
  4. Kerry Top 10 Lists (7)
  5. John Edwards Humor
  6. Presidential Debates
  7. Democratic Convention

Funny John Kerry Pictures and Parodies
View a series of political cartoons, doctored photos, and parodies poking fun at Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.

The John Kerry Loyalty Quiz
Are you a true believer in John Kerry, or are you convinced he's a loser? Take this quiz and we'll gauge your level of support for the Democratic presidential nominee.

John Kerry Late-Night Jokes
Read the latest late-night jokes about Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.

John Kerry's Botched Joke
Read about John Kerry's botched joke that was taken as a swipe at U.S. troops, plus read late-night jabs at Kerry over the controversy.

The 20 Best John Kerry Jokes
Read a compilation of the best late-night jokes about Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.

The Wit and Wisdom of John Kerry
Read witty quips by John Kerry from the 2004 campaign trail.

John Kerry on David Letterman Video
Watch video of John Kerry's campaign appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman.

The Best Humor of Campaign 2004
From JibJab's cartoons to Will Ferrell's Bush shtick to election satire from "The Daily Show" and "The Onion," check out the best political humor of campaign 2004.

John Kerry: Anybody But Bush
"The Daily Show" presents a hilarious mockumentary film about the life of John Kerry.

Kerry Laughs It Up on Letterman Show
Sen. John Kerry trades quips with David Letterman and offers his "Top 10 Bush Tax Proposals."

Kerry and the Swift Boat Controversy
Check out jokes, cartons, and satire inspired by the controversy over John Kerry's Vietnam service.

Fox News Runs Fake Story Mocking Kerry
Fox "News" posted a retraction and apology after its chief political correspondent filed a fabricated story describing John Kerry as a "metrosexual" who gets manicures.

Kerry Jokes Around on 'The Daily Show'
Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry exchanged quips with Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" on Tuesday. Read a few highlights from Kerry's appearance.

Teresa Heinz Kerry Jokes
Read late-night jokes about Kerry's wife and would-be First Lady Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Bush and Kerry Sing 'This Land Is Your Land'
One is a liberal wiener. The other's a right-wing nut job. See John Kerry and George Bush square off and trade insults in this can't-miss campaign spoof of "This Land is Your Land."

The 10 Dumbest Quotes of Campaign 2004
Read a list of the 10 dumbest quotes from the 2004 presidential campaign, including idiotic statements by George W. Bush, John Kerry, Dick Cheney, and others.

Kerry and Edwards in Love
John Kerry and John Edwards express their true feelings for each other in this amusing video set to the song "Let's Get It On." Presented by MadBlast.

John Kerry Workout Video
Help give John Kerry a full-body workout in this amusing game from Miniclip.com

Kerry/Edwards Jokes & One-Liners
Read funny one-liners ridiculing John Kerry by comedy writer Jake Novak.

Kerry Appears on 'Tonight Show,' Follows Puppet Act
After a series of stumbles late last year, John Kerry's campaign reached its nadir when he appeared on "The Tonight Show" and received second-billing to a puppet act. Worse, the puppet trash-talked him.

John Kerry Editorial Cartoons
Editorial cartoons from around the country about Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Kerry and Edwards Cartoons
View editorial cartoons about John Kerry's decision to pick John Edwards as his running mate.

Animated Cartoon: Sliming John Kerry
How does a candidate who received a bronze star, silver star, and still has shrapnel in his left leg suddenly find himself on the defensive about his military service? Watch this animated cartoon by Mark Fiore.

John Kerry's 'Bunny Suit' Photo Flap
The GOP poked merciless fun at John Kerry for an amusing photo showing him crawling out of a space shuttle dressed in a hooded anti-contamination suit. View the photo and get the full scoop on Kerry's unfortunate photo op.

Sen. John Kerry's "caveats and curlicues," compiled by Slate's William Saletan.

Funniest Moments from the Democratic Campaign Trail
As the curtain falls on the presidential primary season, here's a look back at some of the most memorable feats, foibles, and dubious achievements from the Democratic campaign trail. The envelopes, please...

The name of this site says it all.

Kerry Haters For Kerry
Are you going to vote for John Kerry even though you find him unpleasant, annoying, arrogant, waffling, misguided or just generally unappealing in some profound way? Then you've come to the right place!

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