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John McCain Jokes

Jokes, cartoons, and funny videos poking fun at Sen. John McCain and his presidential campaign.
  1. 2008 Election Jokes
  2. Sarah Palin Jokes
  3. John McCain Videos (34)

John McCain Humor Roundup
A roundup of the best humor about John McCain's presidential campaign, including late-night jokes, political cartoons, spoof videos, and other humor.

Funny John McCain Pictures
View a gallery of funny pictures, doctored photos, and parodies poking fun at Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

John McCain Cartoons
View a gallery of John McCain cartoons featuring the latest editorial and political cartoons about McCain's presidential campaign.

John McCainisms
Read a collection of dumb quotes from Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Top 10 Dumbest John McCain Quotes
Read the 10 dumbest quotes by Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Funny John McCain Videos
View spoof videos, late-night TV clips, and other funny videos featuring John McCain.

McCain Zombie Pictures
View a series of funny photoshopped pictures using the image of John McCain sticking out his tongue at the final presidential debate.

John McCain Loyalty Quiz
Are you a true believer in John McCain, or do you think he's fatally flawed? Take this quiz and we'll gauge your level of support.

McCain Roasts Obama
John McCain roasts Barack Obama and takes shots at his critics at the Al Smith comedy dinner. See the video and transcript.

McCain Trivia Quiz
How closely have you been following the presidential election? Test your knowledge of Obama and McCain trivia with this short quiz and we'll rate your political IQ.

John McCain Jokes
Read late-night jokes about Sen. John McCain.

Funny John McCain Quotes
Read a collection of funny quotes by Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

McCain on Letterman: Full Transcript
mccain on letterman transcript mccain late show interview

McCain and Letterman Trade Insults
John McCain appeared on the "Late Show" and turned the tables with his own comic monologue poking fun at David Letterman.

David Letterman Mocks 'Old Guy' John McCain
Letterman on McCain: "Doesn't he look like the old guy at the barber shop? He's the guy who is always early for the early bird special. He looks like the guy at the supermarket who is confused by the automatic doors."

John McCain Tries His Hand at Satire on SNL
John McCain poked fun at his age and took a few jabs at his Democratic rivals during cameos in two sketches on 'Saturday Night Live.'

'John.He.Is' Parody Video
A parody of the popular Obama "Yes We Can" video taking aim at John McCain and his support for the Iraq war.

John McCain Sings 'Bomb Bomb Iran'
John McCain sings a takeoff on the Beach Boys song 'Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.'

John McCain on Hillary Clinton and Woodstock
John McCain takes on Hillary Clinton, Woodstock, and pork barrel spending at the Fox News debate.

Funny Picture: McCain Hugging Bush
View a funny captioned picture of John McCain giving George W. Bush a bear hug.

Funny John McCain Pictures
View a series of doctored photos and parodies poking fun at John McCain.

Funny Picture of John McCain
A parody from The Shining featuring Sen. John McCain.

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