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Late Night TV Comedy Shows

A listing of late night comedy shows and home pages for late night TV shows.
  1. The Daily Show (48)
  2. Saturday Night Live (115)
  3. David Letterman (48)
  4. Conan O'Brien (5)
  5. Tonight Show With Jay Leno (16)
  6. Real Time With Bill Maher
  7. Stephen Colbert (35)

Today's Late-Night Jokes
All the best new late-night jokes and political one-liners, updated daily.

Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Comedy Central's "Daily Show" is television's hippest and funniest newscast, featuring some of the most biting political humor around. Catch highlights on the show's Web site, or view our annotated "Daily Show" video archive.

The Colbert Report
Visit the home page for "The Colbert Report" hosted by Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central.com.

Late Show with David Letterman
Listen to David Letterman's latest monologue, get the latest Top Ten list, or browse through the complete Top Ten archive.

Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien
Home page of NBC's "Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien."

Jay Leno Show
Home page for Jay Leno's new prime-time comedy show on NBC.

Real Time With Bill Maher
Visit the home page for Bill Maher's new late-night talk show on HBO, and be sure to read Maher's "New Rules" for the week.

Late-Night With Jimmy Fallon
A cartoon about fictional late-night talk show host Joe Lateshow, featuring monologue jokes on everything from pop culture to politics.

Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Jokes and other fun stuff from the "Late Late Show" Web site at CBS.com.

Jimmy Kimmel Live
Home page for ABC's late-night comedy show starring Jimmy Kimmel.

Saturday Night Live
Visit the home page for Saturday Night Live on NBC.com, featuring video clips, quotes, photos, and more.

Saturday Night Live Transcripts
Updated every Friday, Saturday Night Live Transcripts features more than 1,000 transcripts of the funniest skits, characters and sketches from the history of "Saturday Night Live."

Late Night TV Schedules
Check out guest lineups for upcoming late-night comedy shows.

More Late Night TV Talk Shows

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