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Lawyer Jokes and Legal Humor

Jokes and cartoons about the legal system, lawyers, courtroom antics, and prominent court cases.
  1. Supreme Court @

Dumb Laws

Look up actual dumb laws on the books around the country. You can't make stuff like this up.


An amusing collection of legal cartoons by Charles Pugsley Fincher.

Mad Kane's Legal Humor

Funny legal contracts, parody lawsuits, tax filing humor, a guide to privacy policies, and other legal follies from humor columnist Madeleine Begun Kane.

Nolo.com Lawyer Joke Emporium

A collection of Nolo's best jokes, organized by category.

Andrew McClurg's Legal Humor Headquarters

Weird legal news, strange judicial opinions, funniest law school moments, and other humor from Lawhaha.com.

Court Humor and Lawyer Jokes

A collection of case law humor, courtroom humor and lawyer jokes compiled by Larry H. Corbett.

Guide to Wacky Court Cases

Wacky names, wacky parties, and just plain odd stuff.


Legal humor articles, music, and other stuff for lawyers and those who know them. Also check out LawTunes.com.

Legal Humour.com

A humorous glance at the legal profession, without the lawyer jokes.

Lawsongs, Inc.

Bob Noone satirizes the legal profession with wild musical lyrics and song parodies.

Brand Managers See Pledge Fiasco As Sponsorship Opportunity

A U.S. federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools is unconstitutional because it contains the phrase "under God," a decision blasted by Democrats, Republicans, and brand managers who say the United States is making a grave mistake in dropping its principal sponsor, SatireWire reports.

Cartoons: Pledge of Allegiance Fiasco

A collection of editorial cartoons about a federal judge's controversial ruling that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional.

Cartoons: Microsoft Anti-Trust Case

A collection of cartoons by all the top editorial cartoonists about Microsoft and the Justice Department's anti-trust case.

Cartoons: Napster Case

A collection of cartoons by all the top editorial cartoonists about the legal troubles of the online music service Napster.
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