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Republican Jokes

Political jokes, cartoons, satire and other humor poking fun at Republicans and conservatives.
  1. Mitt Romney
  2. Ted Cruz (2)
  3. 2012 GOP Candidates
  4. Paul Ryan Jokes (6)
  5. George W. Bush
  6. Rush Limbaugh
  7. Sarah Palin (55)
  8. Michele Bachmann (4)
  9. Rick Perry Jokes (3)
  10. Glenn Beck
  11. Dick Cheney (77)
  12. Herman Cain Jokes (1)
  13. Mike Huckabee
  14. Republican Quotes
  15. Donald Trump (4)
  16. Arnold Schwarzenegger (59)
  17. John McCain (59)
  18. Christine O'Donnell (4)
  19. Rudy Giuliani (8)
  20. Ronald Reagan (20)
  21. Republican Convention

Funny Pictures Mocking Right-Wingers
A collection of funny captioned pictures, photo illustrations, and parody images poking fun at prominent right-wing conservatives and Republicans.

Funny Mitt Romney Pictures
Funny captioned photos and parodies lampooning Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Funny Paul Ryan Pictures and Cartoons
A collection of funny captioned photos, cartoons, parodies, and memes poking fun at Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Cartoons Lampooning Republicans
A collection of the best recent political cartoons skewering Republicans and conservatives from top cartoonists around the country.

Right-Wing Nutjob Quote-O-Matic
Generate random stupid quotes by crazy right-wing nutjobs.

Best Jokes About the GOP Presidential Candidates
A roundup of the best late-night jokes about the 2012 Republican presidential field.

Best Late-Night Jokes Jabbing Republicans
The best late-night jokes poking fun at Republicans and conservatives by Jay Leno, David Letterman, and the rest of the late-night comedians.

Dumbest Right-Wing Protest Signs Ever
View a collection of moronic, misspelled, and utterly stupid right-wing signs.

Funny Pro-Republican Bumper Stickers
A bumper crop of funny political bumper stickers for conservative and Republicans.

Funny Anti-Republican Bumper Stickers
Funny political bumper stickers for mocking Republicans and conservatives.

Rick Santorum Jokes
Late-night jokes poking fun at GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum.

Crazy Rick Santorum Quotes
A collection of ridiculous quotes by GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum.

Newt Gingrich Jokes
A roundup of the funniest late-night jokes about former House Speaker and GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich Quotes
The most ridiculous statements ever made by former House Speaker and GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich.

Michele Bachmann Jokes
A roundup of late-night jokes poking fun at Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Crazy Michele Bachmann Quotes
The 10 dumbest quotes of all time by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN).

Ron Paul Jokes
A roundup of late-night jokes about Rep. Ron Paul and his 2012 presidential hopes.

Crazy Ron Paul Quotes
A collection of Ron Paul's most insane quotes of all time.

Chris Christie Jokes
A collection of funny jokes about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

John Boehner Jokes
A collection of funny late-night jokes about House Speaker John Boehner.

Quiz: What Kind of Conservative Are You?
Take a short political quiz to determine what breed of conservative you are: Flay-Waving Everyman, Anti-Government Gunslinger, Freedom Crusader, Free Marketeer, Faith-Based Fighter, or Values Guardian

Funny Joke Emails Lampooning Republicans
Read through a series of classic jokes and funny email forwards poking fun at Republicans.

Sarah Palin Humor Roundup
A roundup of the best humor about Sarah Palin, including late-night jokes, political cartoons, spoof videos, and other humor.

John McCain Humor Roundup
A roundup of the best humor about John McCain's presidential campaign, including late-night jokes, political cartoons, spoof videos, and other humor.

Pics of Right-Wing Media Blowhards
View a gallery of cartons, parodies, and funny captioned photos poking fun at conservative pundits and media celebrities.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Pictures
View a series of cartoons, doctored photos, and parodies poking fun at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California recall election.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes
The wit and wisdom of would-be governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, including musings on politics, sex, and famous movie quotes.

Funny Ronald Reagan Pictures
View a gallery of funny pictures of President Ronald Reagan.

The Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan
Read funny quotes and witty jokes by former President Ronald Reagan.

Conservative Political Humor
A roundup of conservative humor, including jokes and satire mocking favorite liberal punching bags, links to the best humor sources for conservatives, plus other Republican humor.

The Republican Loyalty Quiz
Are you a red-blooded Republican or a true-blue Democrat? Take this handy political quiz and we'll gauge where you fit on the political spectrum.

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