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Satirical News and Political News Parodies

The Web's funniest political parody sites and satirical news sources.
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Today's Political Satire and Parodies

The latest political satire, parodies and news spoofs -- updated daily.

The Onion

"America's finest news source" is widely considered the funniest site on the Web, and there's no argument here. Read the latest edition or browse through the politics section for past satirical gems.

Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Watch video clips from "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" and read satirical news dispatches written exclusively for "The Daily Show" Web site.

Borowitz Report

Can the news be funny? Humorist Andy Borowitz thinks so. Check out his satirical take on the week's news.

The Satirical Political Report

An offbeat look at the hot-button issues of the day, by Don Davis.

Not the LA Times

A brilliant send-up of current events, politics, pop culture, advertising, and the L.A. Times.

Capitol Steps

Listen to the latest song parodies from the nation's funniest political satire troupe. To check out their latest CD's, click here.

Ironic Times

Weekly satirical send-up of the news, featuring hilarious mock headlines.


Popular political humor Web site, featuring funny news summaries, rants, jokes, cartoons, satire, and more.

Betty Bowers is a Better Christian Than You

Hilarious political and religious parody site.

Bob From Accounting

A satirical news site that serves as an homage to the everyday working man in 21st century America.


News parody poking fun at politics and current events.

Comedyzine.com Political Humor Guide

A full range of political comedy features.


Humor, satire, parody, and more from the creators of Cracked Magazine.

Daily Feed

Get your daily political humor feed from this popular 90-second audio satire "column."

Daily Probe

"Because real news sucks."


"American satire that actually lives up to the standard of its British predecessor."


A satirical look at the U.S. Media and world events from two journalists.

The Garlic

All the cloves fit to peel.

Grand Old Party

"Because Republicans know how to party."

Humor Gazette

Satirical publication written by John Breneman, former editor and columnist for the Portsmouth (N.H.) Herald.

Humor Is Dead

A great satirical site taking aim at politics, cultural decay, the corporatization of America, and other issues du jour.

Internet Weekly Report

Features political humor, satire, animation, and news.

LaLa Times

News satire, California style — and more.

Landover Baptist Church

This hilarious religious parody site is "the largest, most powerful assembly of worthwhile Christians to ever exist. Unsaved unwelcome."

Laughing Liberally

Saving democracy one laugh at a time.


Political satire, song parodies, and other fun from humorist Madeleine Begun Kane.

The Moderate Independent

"Not left, not right, just right."

Modern Humorist

Witty, offensive, inventive parodies riffing on politics and pop culture.

National Lampoon

The Web version of the legendary magazine features tons of parodies, multimedia, jokes and other great stuff.

Opinions You Should Have

Wickedly funny political humor and randon musings by Tom Burka.


No cow is sacred on this satirical site -- especially politicians, pundits, activists, junk science. A great collection of limericks, rhymes, one-liners, palindromes, and other funnies.

Rush Limbaugh Online

Phat conservative pundit parody.


Features classic, biting satire about politics and the new economy.


Daily news satire site featuring several new stories each day.

The Specious Report

Features political satire and pop culture parody.

The Spoof

Always there with the funniest spoof headlines.

Unconfirmed Sources

Political satire and humorous news parodies.

White House.org

An amusing parody of the White House Web site, featuring fake news releases, fun facts, Laura's Bush's online diary, and more.
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