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Arnold Schwarzenegger Jokes

Jokes, cartoons, satire, and other humor poking fun at California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  1. California Recall Election
  2. Schwarzenegger Cartoons (10)
  3. Schwarzenegger Satire (18)
  4. Arnold Top 10 Lists (13)

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Pictures
View a collection of cartoons, captioned photos, parodies, and other funny pictures poking fun at action hero-turned Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Jokes
A roundup of the best late-night jokes about Arnold Schwarzenegger and the scandal over his love child.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cartoons
Political cartoons about the Arnold Schwarzenegger love child scandal.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes
The wit and wisdom of would-be governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, including musings on politics, sex, and famous movie quotes.

More Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Pictures
View a series of cartoons, doctored photos, and parodies poking fun at Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California recall election.

More Arnold Schwarzenegger Late-Night Jokes
Read a collection of jokes by the late-night comedians about Arnold Schwarzenegger, his campaign for governor, and the recall election.

President Arnold Schwarzenegger?
As Arnold Schwarzenegger launches his political career, it's worth recalling this sobering scene from the film "Demolition Man," which takes place in the year 2026...

Schwarzenegger's Sex Talk
Arnold Schwarzenegger's views on key political issues may still be a mystery, but his positions on orgies, drugs, and homosexuality have now been laid bare, thanks to The Smoking Gun. The dirt-dishing Web site has unearthed a 1977 interview in which Arnold talks about participating in a gang-bang with his bodybuilding groupies, his bedroom manner, and his, um, size.

The Governator
In the Year of Darkness, 2003, the rulers of the Republican party devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the future by changing the past election. The plan required a candidate who felt no pity. No pain. No fear. Something unstoppable. They created "THE GOVERNATOR."

Review: New Schwarzenegger Movie A Big Flop
Despite the hype surrounding the release of Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest blockbuster, the movie is another big-budget disappointment that suffers from painfully bad acting and an implausible script. Read the complete review of "The Governator: Rise of the Political Machine."

Arnold's Victory in Editorial Cartoons
Cartoons by all the top editorial cartoonists about Arnold Schwarzenegger's victory in the California recall election.

Jay Leno Introduces the Governator
After an unprecedented election that made California the laughingstock of the nation, it was fitting that Jay Leno delivered the final punch line: "Ladies and gentlemen, the governor of the great state of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger!"

It's Total Recall: Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He's Running
In what promises to make for epic political theater, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he will join the low-budget, badly scripted production that is the California recall election.

Top Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies
The best movies starring future California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, including "The Terminator," "Total Recall," and "Pumping Iron."

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