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Arnold Schwarzenegger Satire and Parodies

Satirical news and parodies mocking California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  1. Political Satire & Parodies

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cartoons and Parody Pictures
Cartoons, doctored photos, and parody images poking fun at would-be Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California recall election.

Review: New Schwarzenegger Movie A Big Flop
Despite the hype surrounding the release of Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest blockbuster, the movie is another big-budget disappointment that suffers from painfully bad acting and an implausible script. Read the complete review of "The Governator: Rise of the Political Machine."

Gov, Actually
In a state gone mad, only one muscle-bound hero can defeat the forces of debt. "The Daily Show" reports on Arnold Schwarzenegger's inauguration as California's governor.

The Secret Poems of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Read the works of the bard of Sacramento, courtesy of Chortler.

Schwarzenegger Orders Breast Implant Inspections
Calling silicone breast implants "the biggest problem facing California today," Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered mandatory silicone breast implant inspections for every woman in California. From the Borowitz Report.

Masked Groper Stalks Sacramento
Fear spread across California's capital city today amid reports that a mysterious man wearing a mask was sneaking up behind unsuspecting Sacramento women and groping them. From the Borowitz Report.

Arnold Postpones Inauguration to Fine-Tune Special Effects
The inauguration of California’s new governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been put on hold "indefinitely" due to problems with the ceremony’s elaborate special effects, Mr. Schwarzenegger confirmed today. Read more from the Borowitz Report.

In First Official Act, Arnold Compliments California's Ass
n his first official act since being elected Governor of the nation's most populous state, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger last night told the state of California that it had what he called "a really nice ass." From the Borowitz Report.

Bush Welcomes Gov.-Elect Schwarzenegger
President Bush welcomes the fresh new face of baby-killing, homo-loving, gun-controlling group sex Republicanism. Read the text of his remarks at White House.org.

Comedians in Final Push For Arnold
In the final hours of the California gubernatorial campaign, candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger received the coveted endorsement of the Golden State's comedians, who hope that the election of the easy-to-ridicule actor will mean billions of dollars in new revenue for California's troubled comedy industry. From the Borowitz Report.

Schwarzenegger Accused of Groping For Pronunciation
A dialogue coach who worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger on several films over the past two decades said today that the actor "habitually and wantonly" groped for pronunciation and manhandled the English language despite repeated requests by her that he stop. From the Borowitz Report.

Schwarzenegger Pledges to Have Group Sex With Entire State
After refusing to answer questions about a 1979 interview in which he admitted having group sex, California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger reversed course, promising to have sex with the entire state of California if he is elected. From the Borowitz Report.

Sound Trucks Following Schwarzenegger Cause Power Outages
Five hundred-plus TV sound trucks trailing California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger created what officials are calling a "severe strain" on the nationwide power grid Thursday afternoon, knocking out power in the U.S. and Canada. From the Borowitz Report.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Campaign Quote Gizmo
Speechwriters are for girly-men. When Arnold needs a quote, he turns to his random campaign quote generator. From Chortler.

California Gubernatorial Debates: Angelyne and Arnold
Action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger and billboard queen Angelyne debate the merits of silicon vs. steroids. From the Specious Report.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Diary
Arnold Schwarzenegger reads from his private diary in this animated cartoon presented by Too Stupid To Be President.com.

Arnold Sings 'Act Naturally'
The Capitol Steps mock Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California recall in this new song parody.

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