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Readers Respond: Who's the Best Late-Night Comedian?

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From the article: Late Night Show Jokes
Who is the best late-night comedian? Sound off on who you think is the funniest - Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher, Conan O'Brien, Chelsea Handler, or Carson Daly - and tell us why they deserve the distinction. Share Your Reason

Conan O'Brien

Conan is just pure fun. Very original. Very funny. He's just got this balanced presence, not too goofy, not too dignified, but vacillating regularly near both extremes and coming up funny. I don't watch anything regularly, but when I want to laugh, I tune into Conan.
—Guest Coconut

1. Conan 2. Conan 3. Conan

Are you guys serious? Jay Leno was never funny. Craig Ferguson doesn't make sense half the time. Fallon is just a bad interviewer. It goes Conan, Stewart, Letterman, Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, Ferguson, Leno
—Guest FallonFail

Craig all the way!

Craig is the best comedian and is just plain funny as crap. He is witty, funny, knows when to cuss for laughter, and I think that makes him a super funny dude. I mean, who else would have a gay robot skeleton and a FREAKING ( fake) HORSE!!!
—Guest That guy

Jay Leno is the best

Jay Leno tells the best understandable jokes. I wish however that Seinfeld was a late night comedian. He is really the funniest of the comedians today.
—Guest Jay Leno

Craig Ferguson

I have watched almost all the late night talk show hosts and by far Craig stands out above all. He always makes me laugh. He is not snide, self-promoting, condescending, cynical, or egotistical. He loves what he is doing and always has fun with his guests. He has also always gone with the flow of things. I mean he broke a camera. He could have done it over, but instead he went along with it. That in itself is great, but the rest of the crew went along with it too. Nobody yelled at him, they handed him a broom, whipped up a slow-motion action replay and continued on with their business. I also love how his first reaction was just "THAT WAS AWESOME!'. So Craig is the best in my books.
—Guest guest okami amaterasu

Jay Leno for me

To me, it's Jay Leno, David Letterman and Bill Maher, in that order
—Guest Maryam

Conan O'Brien all the way!!

Conan O'Brien in my opinion is the greatest comedian ever. He is adorable, talented and very endearing. I enjoy watching his comical genius release itself on stage, and that is what keeps me tuning back in. I never miss one show and I don't think I will. He always makes me laugh and I enjoy his physical comedy as well. Overall, I believe that Conan O'Brien is the greatest comedian to ever walk this earth.
—Guest bubblezrulz

Watch Craig once and you're hooked.

Allow me one prediction: You watch the unscripted Ferguson once and you won't be able to go back and watch political hacks like Letterman.
—Guest BM


I completely agree with the "No Political Extremists" comment. I quit watching Letterman a long time ago because I'm sick of just that. Jay is ok but he's pretty much in the same establishment bag as everyone else. Recently I started watching Craig Feguson and find that I really like this nut. It's not easy to predict what this guy is going to say. He's always crazy and it seems to leak into his guests--who he always makes look good. From now on I'm just watching Craig.
—Guest BM

My Top 10

1) Jimmy Fallon 2) Jimmy Kimmel 3) Craig Ferguson 4) Stephan Colbert 6) Conan O'Brien 7) Chelsea Handler (just because she is hotter than Jay and David lol) 8) Jay Leno 9) David Letterman 10) Whitney Cummings (mainly because she is new she is last but she could grow on me)
—Guest Matthew

No political extremists!

Letterman, Maher, Stewart are way too politically extreme and largely depend on this for their comedy fodder. Come up with a different platform for the comedic platform already! Also being snide, self-promoting, condescending, cynical, and egotistical gets old fast. Being funny tends to fade when it's always toward the same 2 or 3 genres of people on every show. I want true heart, originality, true variety, a good spirit, and a simple desire to simply please the audience with good entertainment, not just the host's snarky attitude toward humanity. These 3 aforementioned hosts fail on these points. Especially rude inappropriate jokes about teens and young people (are you listening, Dave?) and then have to waste half of the next show apologizing and recanting. Not entertaining. Changing the next channel... Jay ok. Not too funny, but not mean spirited. Fallon and Ferguson most genuine, refreshing, and funny without having to totally debase people. Luv em both. Conan pretty good.
—Guest Shari t.

Craig Fergusen

Craig, is by far the best of all of them. I have watched all of these late night shows countless times, and Craig is the only one that really stands out. He is spontaneous and enjoys what he's doing. Most of the others like Jay or Kimmel are often just going through the motions without any real feeling. Craig is hilarious and everything he does is improvised and on the spot. He and his gay robot skeleton sidekick Geoff (voiced by Josh Robert Thompson) do the best impressions, and work these into their witty banter. Craig flows with whatever happens, whether it's accidentally breaking the camera, a leaky roof, a power outage, or cussing out the editors, Craig always finds a way to turn it into an even better joke. He is the only one who has REAL conversations with his guests. He literally rips up his prompt cards and talks about whatever he wants to with the guests. Craig also sings, dances, puppeteers, and acts on his show. By far, the best one of all. THIS IS THE SHOW TO WATC

Mr. O'Brien

I just think Conan O'Brien is really funny. I never miss his show. I watch him every day after I get home from school. I've never really watched the other hosts. But Colbert, Stewart, and Kimmel seem like cool guys. And I have some respect towards Fallon because of his work from SNL. I appreciate Handler because we need a women late night host for once. And Ferguson seems like a nice guy, too. But I don't like Leno. Maybe it's because it's just too boring or I'm 13 years old. But every other late night host has something strange about them, which makes them funny. I just think of some plain, normal guy when I see Leno. Anyway, I respect all of them. But I'm Team Coco for life.
—Guest FlamingUnicorn

Stewart and Colbert Rock!!

Letterman had his heyday (I'm old and have been a Letterman fan from the beginning) and can still be wacky on occasion. Bill Maher can be DEVASTATING but tends to harp on one string and I would like to see him broaden his ideas... However, my heart, brains, and laughs go to Jon Stewart, who is almost a reincarnation of Mark Twain (read Twain and you'll get what I mean)...Sometimes Stewart can be a little condescending, yes (he is a little too obvious when his guest is boring him), but when he is "on", he is DEATH-DEFYING...Colbert's humor, in some ways, is more outrageous than Stewart's...His genius is that he plays a character who, in many ways, is a strange alter ego...It must be hard to hear yourself saying things you know are utter BS and still have to deadpan it all the way through...He even READS funny, and remember, this is one of the FEW comedians who can consistently get Jon Stewart to laugh at his craziness...It must be wonderful and terrifying to be their friends....
—Guest byronaugusta

It's a Tie.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I used to watch Dave and Conan and Jay but prefer being educated while I laugh.

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Who's the Best Late-Night Comedian?

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