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Readers Respond: Who's the Best Late-Night Comedian?

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From the article: Late Night Show Jokes
Who is the best late-night comedian? Sound off on who you think is the funniest - Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher, Conan O'Brien, Chelsea Handler, or Carson Daly - and tell us why they deserve the distinction. Share Your Reason

There is only Johnny

The best is and will always be Johnny Carson. He's the king and always will be. However, out of the current lineup I'd have to say Conan and then Furguson.
—Guest Nathan


Love Stewart and Colbert, too. Kimmel is so unique, natural and seems funny without trying. Nothing can top his "Kids" segments, especially "I gave my kid a terrible present." Original and hilarious.
—Guest Nancy

all are good

1) Colbert 2) Stewart 3) Conan 4) Fallon 4) Letterman 5) Maher 6) Ferguson
—Guest Enrique

Craig Ferguson

Because he is naturally funny, find humor in the most mundane, he will dress in costumes, make funny faces, and makes guests look good, just like Johnny Carson did. Second is Jimmy Fallon, he's hysterical and nice to guests. Kimmel is snarky, mean to his guests, and not even funny.
—Guest jonchavez

Maher for the win

Bill Maher is absolutely the most honest and brutal. I love Jon because in some ways, he's more cerebral and can lead to idiot conservative catharsis, but Maher is just more enjoyble.
—Guest djokoftw

Funny Chicky Monkey

Craig Ferguson is, bar frekin none. Hell of a stand up comic also. Caught his show at Win Star casino a month ago. He tore the frekin place up. Keep up the hilarity Chicky monkey. The guy is just naturally funny and honest. He speaks his mind and is in your face when needed, but you can also see the fondness that he has for his fans. Open your eyes and you cannot miss it. Best there ever was and is in late night.
—Guest Benny Munoz


Conan is not an actor like the rest. He actually messes around and doesn't stay on script.
—Guest Google eyes

Team Ferguson

Nobody does it better! Craig doesn't need a teleprompter or writers! Pure genius! Push Fallon on stage and he'd fall on his face.
—Guest PibblesMy

best comic

Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, then John Stewart next, but his stuff is starting to lose its zing
—Guest j

Correct answer

Jay Leno without a doubt. i don't have any more characters to use as i have a limited volculbary:)
—Guest 4 cats

Fergusons Mom :)

Monologue critiques, not interviews or music: 1) Ferguson - Completely unique. Off-the-wall style, a mechanical sidekick and puppetry amaze. I stay up late and want more. Frequent references to something sexual & double entendres isn't necessary, but it hasn't sunk him, yet. I wonder how he'd do if he had a significant writing staff and used topical humor. I'd love to see Kilborn fill in for Ferguson's off nights. 2) Kimmel - Close to Ferguson. A nice long and very funny monologue. 3) Letterman - Funny and topical. A few jokes, or nine minutes, and sit behind the desk for a 2nd humor segment. I'm comfortable with him. 4) Leno - Close to Letterman but one less minute. Jaywalking, pumpcast news, photobooth never fail. Selected over Dave's reruns. 5) Conan - He tries physical humor & it doesn't work for me. 6) Fallon - Initially he seemed horribly uncomfortable. 7) Lopez - Many jokes were hispanic related; I wasn't 8) Colbert - Would love to see his show. 9) Stewart - never


I live in Russia and to watch any american TV show I have to download it from internet... And I can do this effort only for GREAT Craig!! Ferguson is THE BEST!!!
—Guest Russian

Chelsea, yuk...

I would rather listen to the Death Rattle of my only child than listen to Chelsea Handler. So not funny. Ever.
—Guest Jamieboo

Fall Pal

Jimmy Fallon is the most creative with his sketches, maybe because he was on SNL. And Leno and Letterman should be canceled out of their misery. But Fallon all the way, besides he does have the best late-night band, no question about it!!!
—Guest king11

Ferguson and Stewart

These two guys just make me laugh. Constantly, without effort. Craig just seems to be able to come up with funny stuff at any time, without any help.....great to see! Jon has great stuff, pre-written, I assume, and is very intelligent, with great timing. I like Leno, and I do think he got screwed by NBC and Conan, but whatever.....he doesn't measure up to these two guys anyway. I find it hard to go to sleep every night without watching them, and I just wish The Daily Show was on five nights a week!
—Guest TacomaBob

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